Alliance for American Manufacturing Launches Job Tracker



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The AAM is putting President Obama to the test! The association has launched a job tracker to check progress on his promise to create 1 million new manufacturing jobs. Currently the AAM’s #AAMeter shows the U.S. at 30,000 jobs toward President Obama’s second-term goal of 1 million new manufacturing jobs.
The latest monthly U.S. jobs report shows America's manufacturing sector lost 3,000 jobs in March, 2013, a setback in the path of 21,087 factory jobs that need to be gained each month in order to meet the president's goal. AAM President Scott Paul says, “Manufacturing lost 3,000 jobs in March, and employment in the industry has changed very little over the past 11 months. I believe we can see a resurgence in manufacturing job growth, but only with the right public policies. The myopic focus of Congress on our fiscal position is backfiring already. The focus must be on jobs. We have a plan to create those jobs—Congress would be well-advised to act on it."
Check it out—it’s worth a read.



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