Additive Recycling Program Supports a Cause

Additive manufacturing system supplier Stratasys’ new recycling program will impact more than just customers’ bottom lines. It’ll also contribute to a cleaner environment and job opportunities for the disabled.
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The Lifeworks team at Stratasys' facility in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. 

Users of FDM and PolyJet machines from Stratasys might be interested in a new program that provides not just cost savings, but the satisfaction of contributing to greater causes as well.

The program provides a code-compliant, free-of-charge system for disposing of waste FDM canisters and PolyJet cartridges. Users simply print out their own pre-paid UPS shipping label and have the recyclables sent directly to the company’s Eden Prairie facilities. There’s no cost involved, and in fact, the company says there’s plenty to gain. Examples include eliminating waste disposal shipping costs, reducing logistical worries, saving space, and better adherence to local compliance.

If that’s not reason enough, there are altruistic motives as well. For one, most recycling is a net gain for the environment, and the company says this program is no exception. Beyond that, the Eden Prairie recycling operation is being conducted in partnership with a team from Lifeworks, an organization dedicated to supporting jobs for community members with disabilities (watch this video 

“The new recycling program is one way we’re making 3D printing and additive manufacturing more convenient and accessible for everyone,” says Zehavit Reisin, vice president for Stratasys Materials Business Unit. “We also believe that it gives our customers the satisfaction of knowing they’re doing their bit to help the environment while at the same time supporting jobs for people with disabilities in our community. The more our customers recycle, the more we’ll be able to expand the size and scope of our Lifeworks team in Eden Prairie.”

For more information, visit the company’s website or check out this video.