Additive Manufacturing One of Top Emerging Trends to Watch at IMTS 2018

The demand for additive technology has grown as more and more shops are using it as a fast and cost-efficient way to produce tooling, fixtures and more. Here’s where to see additive in action at IMTS 2018.


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Additive manufacturing has become an increasingly popular application for several reasons. For one, it’s changing the way machinists look at some of the most complex part challenges, opening up new and lucrative business opportunities. But more concretely, it can offer serious cost advantages.

Since the world’s first additive manufactured vehicle, the Strati, was built at IMTS 2014, innovations in additive have continued to headline IMTS and does so this year with AMT’s Emerging Technology Center dedicated to Additive Manufacturing, located in the West Building, Level 3; Booth #431609.

IMTS visitors will encounter demonstrations of the newest breakthroughs in materials, speeds and technologies recently developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratories (ORNL), public-private collaborations and exhibiting additive manufacturers…READ MORE.