A New New Year's Resolution

Make 2017 the year your shop enters our annual Leadtime Leader Awards Competition. It only takes a brief entry form to get in the game. You have to play to win!


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A New Year's resolution is defined as a promise to do some act of self-improvement, and I believe our annual Leadtime Leader Awards Competition can help you accomplish that goal.  Every year MMT honors those outstanding North American mold manufacturers who best demonstrate overall innovation, efficiency, quality and commitment within their moldmaking operations while raising the bar in terms of mold engineering, building, repair and management. What better way to motivate your shop for continuous improvement! 

All it takes is a simple entry form. Any shop performing moldmaking operations is invited to compete and all submissions will be considered. Completed entry forms are reviewed and qualified candidates are then sent a detailed questionnaire to be completed and returned. This questionnaire takes a deeper dive into the company's history, customer base, core competencies, leadtime averages and strategies, workforce development strategies, technology investments, future plans and more.

Just going through the process brings the team together and reveals strengths and weaknesses upon which the company can redefine or refine its goals. However, if you succeed in earning the title of Leadtime Leader you also win the cover of MMT's June issue, the cover story, a video feature, a complimentary booth at Amerimold in Rosemont, Illinois next June 14-15, industry recognition at the Awards ceremony, and a complimentary advertising campaign in Plastics Technology.  This program was built to help a mold builder build brand awareness, attract new customers, boost morale and distinguish the shop as a leader.

Make this your new New Year's resolution today by clicking here to get started!

Happy New Year!