A Little Inspiration While You Work

As I walked the floors of Custom Mold & Die outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota, a world of windows let in light as words shed light on the culture within its walls.


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There is no doubt that Ray Newkirk, owner of Forest Lake, Minnesota-based Custom Mold & Die --manufacturer of close tolerance, high cavitation medical molds--has built something special. A long history in the trade and an impressive educational background opened Ray's eyes to the type of company and culture he wanted to build.

Ray attended Dunwoody College of Technology, started a business, and then attended Harvard to learn how to run a business. His main take-away from business school was: you must have a foundation for your business, a defined culture before a strategic plan can be put in place. Ray purchased Custom in 2003.

Now although I could go on about this company's technology, capabilties and processes (will save that for another day), what I want to highlight is the culture--the shop environment and the attitude of the people. Ray's commitment to high technology investment is evident, but so is his commitment to his people. He strives to nurture pride in mold building, and one simple, but effective way Ray does that is with words on the walls.

Ray and his team selected numerous inspirational words of wisdom and had them painted on the walls. You can't move a step throughout the facilities without a phrase, quote or word catching your eye ... and hopefully, inspiring you to do more.  

Check out this slideshow of words on the walls.