A Dynamic Duo Speaks!

When I first met the co-owners of 2010 Leadtime Leader Award Winner Mold Craft, Inc., I was impressed with their enthusiasm and passion for the industry. As I got to know them better, I was blown away by their technical expertise and business savvy. Come to amerimold next month to hear their company’s automation story.


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On Wednesday, June 12th at 1.p.m., Mold Craft’s Tim Bartz and Justin McPhee will speak at amerimold  about the numerous advantages automation offers Mold Craft—manufacturing improvements, cost reductions for their customers, and improved leadtimes among them. The company’s niche of building tight-tolerance, high-volume, multi-cavity and multi-mold projects that produce small, intricate, precision plastic parts was the impetus to the company’s foray into automation, which includes tool-to-tool robotics and storage facilitation capabilities.
Tim says that automation is “embraced” by all. “Our highly-skilled CNC specialists strive to fully utilize the capacity of the robots and the machines each day and night, as they recognize that it ensures their future, the company’s future and the future of moldmaking in the U.S.,” he says. Click here to register for amerimold 2013 so you can witness their entire automation journey firsthand!