Visit the Emerging Technology Center at IMTS

The Emerging Technology Center, or ETC, made its debut at IMTS 2004 as a place to educate, inform and excite the manufacturing community about ground-breaking innovations specific to the industry.



The ETC has become the "must visit" at IMTS and is renowned around the globe for showcasing state of the art and disruptive technologies that will impact manufacturing in the years to come.

At IMTS 2012, the ETC will feature four technologies: Collaborative Manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing, MTConnect Applications, and MTInsight. See a list of companies that will be participating.

Collaborative Manufacturing

In one of the most exciting and energizing displays ever featured in the ETC, the Collaborative Manufacturing section will feature a live, on-site car build done by Local Motors, an open-source automaker that collaborates with a community of engineers, designers, and car enthusiasts to produce its vehicles. Open source will become a key part of manufacturing much as it has in the computer industry.

Find out about the Design Our Car Competition

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Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing, which includes 3D printing, laser sintering, and other technologies, allows for innovation of function and design at every stage of development. It allows companies to go from concept to prototype, and sometimes finished product, within days instead of months. Parts made with 3D printing have become more versatile. You can build them to be stronger and more economical AND you can drill, tap, sand and paint them to look and feel like most traditional products. If you can design it, you can print it! Be sure to come see this exciting development in manufacturing in the ETC.

MTConnect Applications

MTConnect is an open and royalty free communications standard that is revolutionizing manufacturing by providing plug-n-play communications and interconnectivity between manufacturing equipment and devices. MTConnect adoption has been growing at a tremendous rate as a number of manufacturers have been incorporating it into their equipment increases daily, the creation of MTConnect enabled applications as well as more creative uses and benefits of MTConnect are being discovered frequently as its use becomes widespread. In November 2011, the world's first [MC]2 MTConnect Connecting Manufacturing Conference was held to rave reviews. At the ETC in 2008 we introduced the world to MTConnect. In 2010 we showcased plug-n-play interoperability between manufacturing equipment and applications at the ETC. In 2012 we will be highlighting applications of all types that will increase productivity for manufacturing. All of these applications will have the ability to speak to MTConnect enabled devices and systems.

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MTInsight is a game-changing business intelligence tool specialized to the manufacturing industry. With a growing cache of apps, MTInsight has the potential to bring manufacturing business leaders data and insight never before possible. ETC visitors can try out the MTInsight demo and learn more about the important data it has to offer. MTInsight can be thought of as the shop owner or plant manager's virtual business intelligence department to provide information on market data and where new business can be found. MTInsight runs in the cloud which means it has virtually unlimited scaling and is very secure. This is an absolute "must see" at IMTS in the ETC.

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