3D Scanning Offers Wide-Ranging Benefits

One mold manufacturer reports not just faster mold inspections, but also the capability to error-proof electrodes and accelerate product development.
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Scanning electrodes helps detect errors prior to burning any geometry into the mold. (Image courtesy of Versatile Mold and Design.) 

As detailed in this case study, Versatile Mold and Design reports savings of $150,000 in one year alone since the addition of the Laser Design Survey 3D, a 3D scanning system from Laser Design Inc. Largely, that's because the system provides an easier, faster and less error prone method for inspection than CMM. This goes for not just molds and components, but electrodes too.

Yet, there's more to the story than that. It also details an application that provides an ideal example of the system's capability to accelerate product development through reverse engineering. Read the case study to learn more.