3D Printing Growth

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A 2012 report on additive manufacturing and 3D printing shows annual growth of nearly 30 percent ... making MMT's Additive Manufacturing Supplement something you want to read to keep on top of how these technologies can help your moldmaking operations. This supplement will appear quarterly in MMT (February, May, August and November).

Wohlers Associates, Inc. just announced its 17th annual Wohlers Report 2012, which is an in-depth analysis of additive manufacturing and 3D printing worldwide. The compound annual growth rate of additive manufacturing was 29.4% in 2011, according to the new report. The AM industry is expected to continue strong double-digit growth over the next several years. By 2015, Wohlers Associates believes that the sale of AM products and services will reach $3.7 billion worldwide, and by 2019, surpass the $6.5 billion mark.

This Report covers all aspects of additive manufacturing, and tracks the extraordinary growth of personal 3D printers—machines priced under $5,000, with the majority in the $1,000 to $2,000 range. MMT's May edition of the AM Supplement tells the story of mold manufactuer Proper Group International of Warren, MI, and how it has successfully put 3D printing technology to work.