2020-2023 Editorial Advisory Board: Meet New Board Member Rick Seaberg

One of MoldMaking Technology's 2020-2023 Editorial Advisory Board members is Rick Seaberg.


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2020-2030 Editorial Advisory Board members, Rick Seaberg.

Rick Seaberg, an engineering manager for Medline Industries of Northfield, Illinois, is one of MMT's new Editorial Advisory Board members.

The next member of our new Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) is Rick Seaberg.

Rick Seaberg comes to MoldMaking Technology's Editorial Advisory Board with ten years of experience as an injection mold designer, 15 years as a tooling engineer, 12 years as an engineering manager and two years as a plant manager. Throughout his lengthy career, he has had exposure to the consumer packaging, medical, automotive and optical industries. Today, Rick is the engineering manager at Medline, a private American healthcare company based in Northfield, Illinois.

Rick received a mechanical drafting and design vocational certificate from Tech Memorial High School and attended Penn State University, Behrend College studying mechanical engineering and operations management. After leaving college, he started his career as an injection mold designer at Plastek Industries in Erie, Pennsylvania, following the toolmaking path of his father and grandfather. During his time as a tooling engineer for Owens Illinois in Toledo, Ohio, he served on the new product development team that created innovative packaging solutions for Proctor and Gamble and Chesebrough Ponds. Rick was also a vital member of a collaborative team that worked with Hewlett Packard to develop a new inkjet cartridge and built out a greenfield site to produce the new cartridges.

Outside of work, Rick has served as the Northwestern Pennsylvania (NWPA) SPE Chapter Treasurer and President-Elect. He also was awarded NWPA SPE Chapter Member of the Year for running a successful RETEC conference.

Rick's areas of expertise focus on injection mold design, the relationship of injection mold design and development as it relates to and supports new product development and injection mold maintenance in molding environments.

For the EAB, he will share insight on leadership, processing and procuring molds, training around mold maintenance, and trends in Europe, Japan, China and Singapore. Rick is very interested in continuing to learn about the latest technologies and advancements in the moldmaking industry alongside his other EAB board members. He wants to keep his finger on the pulse to stay current on equipment, processes and methods in the industry.

In his spare time, Rick likes to golf and play racquetball. He also likes building scale models and rescuing dogs.