2017-2020 MMT Editorial Advisory Board

MoldMaking Technology (MMT) has used an Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) since its first issue back in 1998. We see great value in turning to the folks who work in the trenches of this industry for feedback, support and guidance when planning content because this is a publication for the industry by the industry.


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MoldMaking Technology (MMT)  believes an engaged Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) enhances the standing of the publication and strengthens its professional and industrial integrity through the involvement of its members. The Board represents all aspects of the mold manufacturing industry with a balance of moldmakers, molders, OEMs, academia, and various moldmaking segments and job functions. A member is selected based on his or her experience and knowledge of the moldmaking industry to serve a three-year term.

This year, we have a new crew on the board, which includes a director of human development and marketing, technical sales engineer, senior advanced engineer, president and GM, plant manager, injection tooling engineer, training consultant, engineering manager and instructor.

Overall, the EAB provides new ideas and perspectives on the industry and assists the editors with the direction of the magazine’s content. This intimate involvement from industry leaders assures you that MMT covers the hot topics that are of utmost importance to our readers. More specifically, EAB members are tasked with encouraging the submission of topics, news and leads, providing occasional guest commentaries, moderating panel discussions at Amerimold, representing and promoting the magazine’s mission at industry events, providing helpful comments to the MMT team to assist in the development and direction of the publication, helping the editors stay on top of moldmaking-related industry trends, news and products, and acting as a reviewer of editorial ideas, recommendations and contributions. 

For their service, members receive industry recognition with their name and affiliation listed within each issue of the publication, on the website and in conference and exhibition materials, preferred opportunities to contribute editorially to the magazine, and a complimentary registration and discounted booth at the annual Amerimold Expo.

The current agenda for this new Board includes forming committees for eight target areas identified to help guide (via tracking trends, sharing industry news, hot topics, shop leads, commentary, articles, etc.) the direction of content: software, culture, shop floor/process/workflow, equipment, mold materials, mold components, disruptive technology and education/workforce development.  We will also work to identify committee chairs and create an exclusive LinkedIn EAB Group for communication.