2012 OEM Wish List

Building better OEM/tool builder relationships.


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As OEMs grow and introduce new products we need to form better partnerships with tool builders. Innovative ideas are needed to actually start a tool design, or at least a strong concept, before final drawings are released. Tool builders oftentimes say that they need a final data file and P.O. to being. How about a P.O. for preliminary design and then buy steel?  Maybe we have to play things a bit safe, but we really need proactive partners. The year 2012 needs to be an innovative year of new ideas and concepts to streamline tool timelines, and quicken turns from first sample to production ready. Bring your ideas to our tables. Work with our part designers to avoid pitfalls after the final part file is released. Look for ways to cut leadtime. Be gentle on costs of changes. I saw a video last week about a company truly embracing lean manufacturing. One of their mottos is: “The shop worker is king!”



Shop workers are the ones turning out the product. Shipping the molds out the back door. Involve your shop workers at an early stage. Take the moldmakers and machinists input to build a better mold. Make them feel more a part of the build process.