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Published: 9/14/2017

Throwback Thursday: Reusing CAD Data

This Throwback Thursday blog is focused on CAD data and how designers can better work with customers’ CAD designs without “reinventing the wheel,” so to speak.

Published: 8/28/2017

Three Unexpected Machine Monitoring Benefits

If you aren’t monitoring your machines to boost productivity, here are some additional reasons why you might want to start.

Published: 7/25/2017

Technology Showcase: Case Studies for MoldMaking

It’s time for another foray into past case study features that have been published in MoldMaking Technology Magazine.

Published: 7/11/2017

Technology Showcase: Machining, AM and Software

With Amerimold in our rear-view mirror for the time being, there are still several new products that have been released, or will be soon, to bring to MMT readers’ attention.

Published: 6/12/2017

SLIDESHOW: Amerimold Technology Showcase

We’re in the home stretch! Amerimold 2017 opens this week, and promises to be exciting, motivating and, of course, loaded with opportunities to learn, make connections and have fun with mold-industry colleagues.

Published: 6/8/2017

Throwback Thursday: Diamonds in the Roughing

This mold manufacturer discovered significant time and cost savings in a previously unexplored feature of its CAM software.

Published: 5/11/2017

Throwback Thursday: Conquering the Quoting Challenge

Adding the right multi-CAD viewer to your quoting process helps improve customer communication, secure new business, and save time and money.

Published: 2/22/2017

Real-Time and Supply Chain Visibility

With data continuing to be top of mind for today's mold manufacturers, I wanted to share this take on data management.

Published: 1/20/2017

Are Spreadsheets Dead Weight?

Shops often share their data management woes, so when I came across these five reasons for making the change from spreadsheets to a real-time, graphical job schedule, I just had to pass them along.

Published: 12/5/2016

How Data-Driven is Your Company?

How do you use data in your business? Everyone uses it to some degree in the way they manage people and the “heat, light and music” stuff (a.k.a. overhead) that every company contends with. But how far does your company take data?

SmartCAM features New Mill/Turn Sub-Spindle and B-axis Support, Morph Pattern Roughing.
If machines were to decide, they’d love the Tebis NC programs for high-quality, efficient and reliable CAD/CAM solutions.