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PUBLISHED: 9/29/2016

Mold Separators Handle Range of Sizes

Die-Sep Mini mold separators are available in a number of configurations for small molds ranging from 6" × 6" × 6" to 24" × 24" × 30" and weighing as much as 3,000 lbs.

PUBLISHED: 9/28/2016

Laser Welder Designed for In-House Mold Repair

The Orion LZR Combo 200 laser welder from Sunstone was developed specifically for rapid and economical repair of molds and dies as large as 40" × 40" directly in a shop.

PUBLISHED: 9/26/2016

Simplified Multimeter Speeds Hot Half Testing

DME’s MoldXChecker is designed test the hot half of a mold faster and more reliably than the traditional method of multimeter testing, which requires touching each terminal.

PUBLISHED: 9/24/2016

Drier Rust Preventatives Don’t Cause Bleed-Through

Available from PCS Co. are The Defender, a semi-dry, all-purpose rust preventative, and Mold Guard Green, a dry rust preventative, both of which are tinted green for visibility when applied to a mold.

PUBLISHED: 9/23/2016

Disposable Cleaning Towels Cut Through Industrial Residue

Slide Products’ Mold & Metal Wipes disposable industrial-strength cleaning towels are formulated to quickly remove tough contaminants, residue and grime from molds and other surfaces.

PUBLISHED: 9/22/2016

Metal Protection Cuts Cleaning Time, Boosts Machine Efficiency

IMS Co. is a North American distributor of Autosol metal and mold care products, which are designed to reduce cleaning time, protect a variety of metals and allow machine cycles to run more efficiently for longer.

PUBLISHED: 9/21/2016

Heavy-Duty, Gas-Fired Furnace Used for Heat Treating

Grieve’s No. 1042 is a 2,000°F (1,093°C) gas-fired, heavy-duty furnace currently used for heat treating.

PUBLISHED: 9/20/2016

Protective Wrap Prevents Metal Corrosion

Boride Engineered Abrasives’ MetalRustGuard was developed to prevent rust and corrosion on any type of metal. It comes in the form of a protective wrap that is self-adhesive, easy to apply, re-usable and requires minimal cleanup after removal.

PUBLISHED: 9/19/2016

Powder Nozzle Enables Fast Modification of Molds

O.R. Lasertechnologie GmbH has developed an automated powder nozzle for existing laser welding systems that enables use of direct metal deposition (DMD) instead of manual laser cladding for modifying and repairing injection molds and dies.

PUBLISHED: 6/15/2016

Test System Ensures Proper Function of Cooling Circuits

AST Technology, a sister company of Progressive Components, will showcase a system that enables moldmakers to test mold cooling circuits to ensure they are working properly and efficiently.

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