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PUBLISHED: 10/13/2016

Multi-Tip Nozzle Designed for Side Gating

Günther will display a variety of hot runner technology, including the OktaFlow Type OMT multi-tip hot runner nozzle, designed for side gating in compact, multi-cavity molds.

PUBLISHED: 10/11/2016

Nozzles Designed for Multi-Cavity Large-Scale Production

Among the hot runner solutions that Inglass‘ HRSflow brand will showcase is new nozzles in its Multitech MTR range, designed for both thin- and thick-wall injection molding processes with multi-cavity molds.

PUBLISHED: 10/10/2016

Nozzles Process Larger Shots with Small Installation Bores

Available in North America from Technoject Machinery Corp., Heitec‘s X-Slim hot runner nozzles are designed to process larger shot weights with relatively small installation bores.

PUBLISHED: 10/8/2016

Hot Runner Systems Feature Modular Actuators

Synventive will feature modular hot runner technologies, including the Plug’n Play system with threaded nozzles for various shot weights.

PUBLISHED: 10/7/2016

Control Platform Added to Boost Chiller Productivity and Profitability

Frigel will demonstrate new 3PR control technology with Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity on its Microgel line of machine-side chiller/temperature control units (TCUs), as well as introduce an enhanced and expanded line of Heavygel air-cooled central ...

PUBLISHED: 10/6/2016

Hot Runners Suited for Multi-Cavity Applications

At K 2016, October 19-26, in Dusseldorf, Germany, Ewikon will display hot runner solutions for multi-tip gating and valve gating, with a focus on compact multi-cavity applications.

PUBLISHED: 6/16/2016

Brass Manifolds Suited for Caustic Conditions

On display in the DMS and PCS booths will be Kool Flow Manifold’s FB2 Series brass manifolds, which feature 1" NPT inlets and 3/8" NPT outlets, and are said to be well-suited for caustic, high-pH environments.

PUBLISHED: 6/7/2016

Valve Sequence Controller Handles as Many as 8 Gates

Well-suited for valve-gated applications that do not require sensors or linear transducer control, Incoe’s GSCmini valve sequence controller can identify and control the sequential status of as many as eight gates.

PUBLISHED: 6/4/2016

Pre-Assembled Manifold System Saves Installation Time

The Unify hot runner manifold system from Husky Injection Molding Systems is designed to be installed into a mold in one-step, without the need for preheating.

PUBLISHED: 5/28/2016

Hot Runners Designed to be User-Friendly, Reliable

Polyshot Corp. manufactures hot runner systems that are designed to be user-friendly and reliable.

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