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PUBLISHED: 12/20/2016

Enhancements Designed to Boost CNC Programming, Machining

Vericut 8.0 from CGTech features several enhancements designed to increase the user’s ability to analyze, optimize and document CNC programming and machining processes.

PUBLISHED: 12/19/2016

CAM Module Allows Combined Semi-Finish/Finish Passes

Version 2017.1 of Open Mind’s hyperMill CAM software includes enhancements to the Maxx Machining finishing module, allowing combined semi-finish and finish passes, and also providing more control over the contact point location on conical barrel cut...

PUBLISHED: 12/16/2016

CAD/CAM Enhancements Speed Design Processes

Vero Software’s Visi 2017 R1, distributed in North America by TST Tooling Software, includes developments in CAD and CAM functionality designed to give users additional speed and quality throughout design processes.

PUBLISHED: 12/14/2016

CAM Software to Integrate Simulation Module

SmartCAMcnc has signed a licensing agreement for MolduleWorks’ simulation technology module.

PUBLISHED: 12/13/2016

Portfolio Encompasses Additive, Subtractive Manufacturing Solutions

In September, Autodesk brought together Delcam, HSM, Netfabb and Majestic Systems as a portfolio of solutions for both additive and subtractive manufacturing, spanning CAM, additive manufacturing, composites, robotics fabrication, factory layout, in...

PUBLISHED: 12/12/2016

Touch HMI Eases Machine File Transfers

Shop Floor Automations’ Predator Touch human-machine interface is designed to make sending and receiving programs much easier for machinists.

PUBLISHED: 12/8/2016

New Functions in CAD/CAM Update Add Flexibility

Version 4.0 Release 3 of Tebis America’s CAD/CAM software includes new functions designed to allow users more flexibility and cost efficiency in design, manufacturing preparation and processing time.

PUBLISHED: 12/7/2016

Tool Data Management Software Gets Update

TDM Systems has introduced the newest iteration of its tool data management software, simply entitled “TDM next generation.”

PUBLISHED: 12/6/2016

Software Release Includes Lathe Module, Other Enhancements

BobCAD-CAM’s latest release includes a powerful lathe module, as well as enhancements for two-, three-, four- and five-axis milling, routing, laser, plasma and waterjet machining.

PUBLISHED: 12/5/2016

Mode Allows Multiple Mold Design Elements to be Worked on at Once

In addition to improved performance for large molds containing more than 2,000 parts, TopSolid’Mold 2017 from Missler Software has added a “pre-study” mode that enables the overall job of creating the mold design to be split among multiple designers...

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