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PUBLISHED: 6/1/2018

Machines Feature Automation, Hybrid Capabilities and More

Matsuura USA showcases eight machines at IMTS 2018. Several of them are on display for the first time at the show.

PUBLISHED: 6/1/2018

Reports Provide Easy Reference and Industry Insights

The American Mold Builders Association released a wage report, a business forecast and a mold builder sourcebook in 2018.

PUBLISHED: 5/31/2018

Performance Dashboard Consolidates Key Data for Efficiency

MTSQ from MoldTrax is a documentation software for tracking the performance and maintenance of molds and dies.

PUBLISHED: 5/31/2018

Mobile Robot Designed for Targeted Hardening of Metal Surfaces

With the self-driving caterpillar track, users can move the laser on the Al-Rock from Alpha Laser right to the workpiece.

PUBLISHED: 5/31/2018

Multi-Layer Technology Opens Opportunities for Packaging

Husky features a range of solutions for the beverage, food, closure, medical, automotive and home, personal and beauty markets.

PUBLISHED: 5/31/2018

Software Launches New CAD-for-CAM and Robot Programming

WorkNC from Vero Software introduces two new tools to the portfolio—a direct modeling CAD system and a Robot Module.

PUBLISHED: 5/30/2018

Drill Has Coating to Facilitate Chip Evacuation

The Exocarb ADF enables one-step drilling to simplify machining time and tool management.

PUBLISHED: 5/30/2018

Iso-Molded Graphite Products for a Multiple Markets Featured

Saturn Industries Inc. offers its customers a full range of iso-molded graphite products along with a wide variety of metals for EDM and non-EDM applications.

PUBLISHED: 5/30/2018

Pre-Hardened Steels Eliminate the Need for Secondary Machining

International Mold Steel says its steels save moldmakers time by eliminating the need for heat treat.

PUBLISHED: 5/29/2018

Machine Monitoring Software Automatically Collects Data for Easy Use

InFocus Machining is a complete machine monitoring and job tracking and analysis solution that automatically collects the machining hours of a job and each component.

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