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Laser Texturing Proves Automotive Potential
A cosmetic interior tooling application in North America could spell a brighter future for a process that promises savings throughout the supply chain. more (+)

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Modular Fiber Laser Series Spans Power and Pulse Ranges
MoldMaking Technology

Designed for direct part and product marking, the Y-Series from Alltec GmbH’s FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving brand is a modular platform of nine compact and flexible fiber marking lasers spanning power and pulse width ranges.

A Focus on Technology, Not Just Machines
MoldMaking Technology

Beneath the sun and mountains of Pfronten, Germany, sits a 79,000 square-foot facility focused on technology, not just machines. And last week it was the site for DMG MORI’s annual Open House where 88 high-tech machines, six world premieres and an industry outlook were presented to visitors from around the globe, including me. Here I want to share a few of the highlights that just may be of interest to you.

Coating Suited for Roughing Steel, Hardened Alloys
MoldMaking Technology

Ti-Coating’s Alox SN2 PVD coating for indexable and solid carbide tooling is formulated to provide excellent machining characteristics and to extend tool life for a variety of applications, including turning, threading and milling.

1,400°F Box Furnace Used to Preheat Molds
MoldMaking Technology

Grieve’s No. 863 is an electrically heated 1400°F (~760°C) box furnace currently used for preheating molds.

Plating Improves Beryllium Copper Molds
MoldMaking Technology

Moldmakers often overlook surface treatment as a way to further maximize the life and performance of beryllium copper molds.

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Surface Treatment

Proper treatment of the mold’s surface is key to its quality, corrosion-resistance, wear, tool life, etc. Some of the processes used to treat molds include polishing, heat treatment, plating, coating, texturing and engraving.
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