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Walk-In Oven Cures Large Parts in Molds
MoldMaking Technology

Grieve’s No. 1032 is a 500°F, electrically-heated walk-in oven currently used to cure large parts in molds.

Compact Dot Peen Marker Offers Large Marking Area
MoldMaking Technology

Suited for both handheld industrial marking applications and on-machine integration, Kwik Mark’s Micro Mark dot peen marker features a compact 3" × 5" × 6" head size but a 1" × 2.5" marking field.

IMTS: Automate Your Way out of the Skilled Labor Shortage
MoldMaking Technology

GF Machining Solutions is on a mission this IMTS to help industry overcome the skilled labor shortage and stay competitive at the same time. Their solution is automation.

Four-Layer Coating Provides Wear Resistance, Toughness
MoldMaking Technology

LMT Tools, amerimold 2014 Booth 425

Chromium Coatings Enhance Component Durability
MoldMaking Technology

Armoloy of Western Pennsylvania, amerimold 2014 Booth 106

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Surface Treatment

Proper treatment of the mold’s surface is key to its quality, corrosion-resistance, wear, tool life, etc. Some of the processes used to treat molds include polishing, heat treatment, plating, coating, texturing and engraving.
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