Surface Treatment

Proper treatment of the mold’s surface is key to its quality, corrosion-resistance, wear, tool life, etc. Some of the processes used to treat molds include polishing, heat treatment, plating, coating, texturing and engraving.
Feature Articles

Watching for Wear

Considering how coatings wear over time extends the options for mold surface finishes beyond hard chrome and electroless nickel.
Feature Articles

Expanding Aluminum’s Potential

Hard-coating provides a number of benefits that make aluminum tooling an attractive alternative to steel.
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New Product

Furnace System Designed for Diffusion Bonding, Hardening of Large Molds

Refrac Systems has contracted with two firms to design and build a gas-fan-quench-cooled vacuum hot press that will allow for direct diffusion bonding of large, conformally cooled plastic injection molds followed by quench hardening.

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