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Laser Texturing Proves Automotive Potential
MoldMaking Technology

A cosmetic interior tooling application in North America could spell a brighter future for a process that promises savings throughout the supply chain.

Combination Welder Enables Wire and Powder Deposition
MoldMaking Technology

The LRS EVO Diode Line combination system for wire and powder deposition welding now features a powder nozzle that enables efficient welding of free and complex outlines, as well as form-close structures from CAD software programs.

Laser Machine Performs Five-Axis Texturing
MoldMaking Technology

GF Machining Solutions will demonstrate its Laser 1000 5Ax machine, which uses a fully digital process to perform high-precision five-axis texturing and engraving operations for molds with complex part designs.

Rotary-Table Laser Marking Workstations Boost Throughput
MoldMaking Technology

FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving has added two high-throughput laser marking workstations to its M series for industrial laser material processing.

Protect Your Tooling Investment
MoldMaking Technology

Lower your VOC footprint, upgrade manufacturing operations and improve the surface quality of your final products with water-based mold release and cleaning.

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Surface Treatment

Proper treatment of the mold’s surface is key to its quality, corrosion-resistance, wear, tool life, etc. Some of the processes used to treat molds include polishing, heat treatment, plating, coating, texturing and engraving.
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Combination Welder Enables Wire and Powder Deposition
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Laser Machine Performs Five-Axis Texturing
GF Machining Solutions 2/10/2015
Rotary-Table Laser Marking Workstations Boost Throughput
ALLTEC GmbH Laser Business Unit 1/16/2015
Gas-Heated Furnace Used for Preheating Molds
Grieve Corporation, The 12/31/2014
Walk-In Oven Cures Large Parts in Molds
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