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EDM Graphite Grades Balance Metal Removal, Electrode Wear, Surface Finish
MoldMaking Technology

Poco Graphite offers a variety of grades of graphite that have been tailored for a range of electrode applications.

How to Bridge the Gap with Aluminum Tooling
MoldMaking Technology

Whether you call it bridge tooling, soft tooling, pilot production, semi-production or aluminum production tooling, it still refers to producing pre-production quantities of plastic products with potential final part volumes in the millions.

Self-Venting Mold Steel Parts and Services Offered
MoldMaking Technology

Molder’s World, amerimold 2014 Booth 709

Company to Exhibit Aluminum Mold Alloys, Welding Techniques
MoldMaking Technology

Clinton Aluminum, amerimold 2014 Booth 607

Aluminum Cast Materials Used in Molds
MoldMaking Technology

Alpase, amerimold 2014 Booth 502

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Mold Materials

Proper selection of the appropriate mold material is critical to manufacturing a high-quality mold. Tool steel, aluminum, copper and alloys are some of the materials used.
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