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In the Trenches: Mold Repair
In this multi-part series of articles, contributer James Bourne, a tool repair supervisor and freelance writer, shares his own personal struggles in the business, as well as lessons learned and tricks of the trade garnered along the way. more (+)

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Test System Ensures Proper Function of Cooling Circuits
MoldMaking Technology

AST Technology, a sister company of Progressive Components, will showcase a system that enables moldmakers to test mold cooling circuits to ensure they are working properly and efficiently.

Fiber Laser Welders Available in Range of Strengths
MoldMaking Technology

Phoenix Laser Solutions will demonstrate an ALFlak 9000 F fiber laser welding system, the strongest in Alpha Laser’s line of systems, which range in power from 300 to 900 W.

Getting Started with Hot Runner Maintenance
MoldMaking Technology

Developing basic cleaning and repair skills among in-house technicians should be the goal of every shop that runs hot runner systems.

Under the Scope: Shielding the Weld
MoldMaking Technology

It is important for every welding novice to understand both the dangers of oxygen contamination in the welding process and the use of a shielding gas to protect the weld (either TIG or laser) from oxygen contamination.

Dry Ice Blaster Cleans Molds without Need for Compressor
MoldMaking Technology

Cryo Pure Corp. will present the PureBlast Mini dry ice blaster, well-suited for cleaning mold cavities and vents without the need for a high-air-flow compressor.

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Mold Maintenance and Repair

To keep a mold running it needs to be properly maintained and repaired. Essential processes include mold tryout, welding, cleaning and retrofitting.
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