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MOST RECENT CONTENT: Mold Maintenance and Repair

Open Laser-Welding Workstation Handles Variety of Materials
MoldMaking Technology

LaserStar Technologies will present its 7800 Series open laser-welding workstation, which is well-suited for tool and die, and injection mold repair, in addition to general welding of large parts.

Self-Adhesive Wrap Protects Molds from Corrosion
MoldMaking Technology

DMS Co’s booth will include MetalRustGuard, a self -adhesive wrap that protects metal molds from rust and corrosion in virtually any type of climate, including high humidity and marine environments.

Micro Welders Repair Molds and Dies
MoldMaking Technology

MoldMender micro welders from Rocklin Manufacturing repair plastic injection molds, rubber processing molds, and die-casting molds and steel dies.

The Data-Driven Operation
MoldMaking Technology

Manufacturing is a team effort involving suppliers, tool shops and customers throughout the world collaborating and sharing project data.

A Low-Maintenance Approach to Mold Care
MoldMaking Technology

Molds are subjected to a variety of strains during the molding process. For them to function as they were designed to and consistently produce quality parts, a regular schedule of maintenance is required.

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Mold Maintenance and Repair

To keep a mold running it needs to be properly maintained and repaired. Essential processes include mold tryout, welding, cleaning and retrofitting.
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