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What Do You Really Know about Mold Cooling?
MoldMaking Technology

Do you ever ask yourself why cycle time matters? Although the level of impact may vary across the supply chain, one thing is certain: reducing cycle times can lead to hidden cost savings. And with cooling and recovery making up more than 80 percent of the injection molding cycle, it is the perfect place for improvement to help reduce cycle times. Listen to this webinar to learn how to achieve optimal cooling through analysis.

Have Designs on Conformal Cooling?
MoldMaking Technology

This Wednesday, April 27, MMT will host a webinar titled Practical Considerations for Conformal Cooling Designs.

Cooling Is a Hot Topic
MoldMaking Technology

Mold cooling is one of the most important elements to mold productivity because it can greatly impact cycle time and part quality, which of course affect the bottom line ... your profitability. Check out these two upcoming webinars that tackle a variety of mold cooling challenges and solutions.

Seeing the Industry with a New Perspective
MoldMaking Technology

Last week I attended Plastec West in Anaheim, California (what a nice break from frigid temps in Chicago!). It was my first trade show as senior editor of MoldMaking Technology versus attending as a public relations manager for plastics industry suppliers, and I enjoyed seeing everything with a new perspective.

Platform Allows Importing of Tooling Data into Simulation Software
MoldMaking Technology

Users of CGTech’s Vericut 7.4 software now can import an entire tooling package from the MachiningCloud data platform into the software in one simple step.

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Mold Flow and Simulation


Mold flow and simulation is a critical aspect of efficient mold design and build operations, which helps to identify problems and improvements before the mold is built. Technologies include mold flow analysis software and services, melt management technologies and strategies, finite element analysis, root cause analysis, cooling analysis, warpage analysis, processing evaluation, etc.

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