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Platform Allows Importing of Tooling Data into Simulation Software
MoldMaking Technology

Users of CGTech’s Vericut 7.4 software now can import an entire tooling package from the MachiningCloud data platform into the software in one simple step.

What is Your Plastic Pain Point?
MoldMaking Technology

Many will agree that one of the most frustrating aspects of plastic injection molding is warping. With that in mind MMT joined a Moldflow engineering services provider in a webinar to show how the manufacture of plastic parts affects their final shape. Take a look at three key questions asked during the discussion, and then view the recording.

Do You Want to Know Why Plastic Parts Warp?
MoldMaking Technology

I have worked with Tim Lankisch, director of engineering at CAE Services on numerous technical articles and educational videos in MMT focused on the value of simulation. Yesterday Tim came off the printed page and went live in an MMT webinar that analyzed why plastic parts warp. View archived recording now.

Injection Molding Software Lets Users Develop Robot Programs
MoldMaking Technology

The SPI Pendant graphical interface, developed for Yaskawa Motoman robots used in plastic injection molding, provides the ability to quickly create and modify programs without knowledge of the company’s proprietary Inform robot programming language.

Software Enhancements Designed to Simplify CNC Simulation
MoldMaking Technology

CGTech’s Vericut 7.4 includes a variety of enhancements designed to further simplify the process of simulating a CNC machine.

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Mold Flow and Simulation


Mold flow and simulation is a critical aspect of efficient mold design and build operations, which helps to identify problems and improvements before the mold is built. Technologies include mold flow analysis software and services, melt management technologies and strategies, finite element analysis, root cause analysis, cooling analysis, warpage analysis, processing evaluation, etc.

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