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Maximize Process Efficiency
MoldMaking Technology

Cooling simulation tools can help companies evaluate thermal management early to make informed decisions that will lead to reduced risk downstream.

Cooling Analysis and Cooling Design
MoldMaking Technology

Cooling is one specific area in mold design that can now be done quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

Tool Up with Rapid Heat/Cool Technology
MoldMaking Technology

A rapid heating and cooling technique using pressurized water solves sink, weld line and discoloration problems.

Benchmark Your Injection Molding Simulation
MoldMaking Technology

Use benchmarking to gain confidence in your modeling, material and simulation capabilities, then use the simulation results to guide future design.

3D Simulation Helps Moldmakers Optimize Mold Design
MoldMaking Technology


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Mold Flow and Simulation


Mold flow and simulation is a critical aspect of efficient mold design and build operations, which helps to identify problems and improvements before the mold is built. Technologies include mold flow analysis software and services, melt management technologies and strategies, finite element analysis, root cause analysis, cooling analysis, warpage analysis, processing evaluation, etc.

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