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Fundamentals of Designing the Optimal Cooling System
The right mold components can help improve mold cooling and thereby produce higher-quality parts. more (+)

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Meusburger Announces Acquisition of PSG Plastic Service GmbH
MoldMaking Technology

The Austrian standard parts manufacturer takes over the German hot runner specialist

Coupling Systems Available in Range of Configurations
MoldMaking Technology

In addition to its Quick Mold Clamping system, Stäubli will showcase a range of automatic and manual coupling systems.

Wide Coupler Selection Available
MoldMaking Technology

RTC North America manufactures a large variety of couplers, including pneumatic, water, hydraulic and electrical.

Simplifying Mold Design
MoldMaking Technology

Self-locking cylinders enable movement of sliding cores without the need for heel blocks or additional cylinders. This allows for a smaller mold base, less complex mold design and reduced material costs.

Mold Base Builder Also Offers Other Capabilities
MoldMaking Technology

Vincent Tool specializes in building custom injection mold bases for industries including medical, energy, aerospace, automotive, transportation, food service, engineering, consumer products and agriculture.

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Mold Components


Mold components are what make the mold work and the mechanisms used to deliver a quality end product. Key components include mold bases, pins, ejectors, lifters, bushings, guides and alignment devices. Photo courtesy of SelfLube.

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Coupling Systems Available in Range of Configurations
STAUBLI Corporation 6/12/2016
Wide Coupler Selection Available
RTC North America Ltd. 6/11/2016
Mold Base Builder Also Offers Other Capabilities
Components Ease Stack Mold Installation
HASCO America, Inc. 5/18/2016
Melt Flow Control Leads to Variety of Benefits
Synventive Molding Solutions 5/17/2016
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