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Micromachining Tidbits
Modern Machine Shop

Here are a few tricks this shop uses to be more effective at micromachining.

Micromachining Evolution
Modern Machine Shop

Challenge Machine continues to add high-speed equipment for the increasing amount of micromachining work it is performing. Here are some lessons it has learned along the way, using tools as small as 0.001 inch in diameter.

Video: 1964 Game Show Demos Drilling through Human Hair
Modern Machine Shop

See a clip of the founder of Maryland’s National Jet on the “I’ve Got a Secret” game show demonstrating his company’s ability to drill through something as small as a human hair.

Machining Center Suited for Micro-Mold Milling
MoldMaking Technology

Willemin-Macodel will display its 701S machining center, which is designed to offer sub-micron precision for micromachining applications such as milling of micro-molds.

Milling Hard-to-Machine Materials on a Micro Scale
Production Machining

The idea of a tool that effectively controls heat with a special grade of carbide, a new coating and internal channels that deliver cooling through ports in the shank where the milling flutes begin, is worth a look.

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Machining (via the machine tool and cutting tool) shapes metal workpieces. Understanding both traditional and advanced machining techniques is critical to overcoming the various dimensional and finish challenges associated with mold machining. Processes include milling, drilling, grinding, high-speed machining, five-axis, hard milling, micro machining, large mold machining, multi-tasking, waterjet and laser. Workholding is also important.
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