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Machine “Power Users” Push Limits of Precision
Modern Machine Shop

For this shop, moving into micron-tolerance work required not just a new machining center, but also a willingness to understand technical features and techniques that never come into play for many programmers and operators.

Micron-Tolerance Machining Means Never Looking Back
Modern Machine Shop

Different tools and machining strategies have driven this shop to seek new efficiencies beyond its most demanding work and most capable machining center.

Advancing to Micromachining on a CNC Swiss Lathe
Modern Machine Shop

By moving up from a standard lathe to a Swiss-type machine, this company can now bid on making small, complex parts it wasn’t able to in the past, while also slashing cycle times on legacy parts.

GF Machining Solutions to Acquire Micromachining Specialist Microlution
Modern Machine Shop

The move is part of GF’s expansion strategy to target industries such as aerospace and medical.

Fundamentals Can Go a Long Way
Modern Machine Shop

For this shop, machining small parts from plastic is largely about applying the basics on a smaller scale.

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Machining (via the machine tool and cutting tool) shapes metal workpieces. Understanding both traditional and advanced machining techniques is critical to overcoming the various dimensional and finish challenges associated with mold machining. Processes include milling, drilling, grinding, high-speed machining, five-axis, hard milling, micro machining, large mold machining, multi-tasking, waterjet and laser. Workholding is also important.
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