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Medical and Aerospace
MoldMaking Technology

Medical production is likely to see accelerating growth, while aerospace is already experiencing solid, consistent growth.

Mold Project Teaches Criticality of Design Phase Collaboration
MoldMaking Technology

Prestige Mold, Eastman Chemical Company, Mold-Masters (owned by Milacron LLC) and Pres-Tek Plastics joined forces on a project to solve customer challenges with producing small medical device parts made of Tritan™ copolyester with a multi-cavity hot runner mold. I spoke with Eastman's market development manager for medical devices to learn more about the Eastman-Prestige collaboration.

Aerospace and Medical
MoldMaking Technology

The aerospace and medical markets are both expected to grow in 2015.

A Modern Moldmaking Trend
MoldMaking Technology

Moldmakers continue to pursue adding processing capabilities—whether for sampling or production molding. One shop’s journey spells out all the required investments.

Medical and Packaging
MoldMaking Technology

Slower growth ahead for medical device production; stable growth expected for packaging.

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