Applying the Right Alloy
A focus on mold operating temperature and welding effects will help determine the right aluminum alloy for future mold builds. more (+)

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Forget Gold Medals – How About All of the Plastic Products!
MoldMaking Technology

I think our athletes did an amazing job winning 46 golds, 37 silver and 38 bronze medals at the Olympic games in Rio. But metal is not the point of this blog. How about all the plastic products that had to be manufactured for this incredible event?

Childhood Memories of My Dad’s Mold Shop
MoldMaking Technology

Get a load of the young girl in the photo here. Yep, it’s yours truly at about six years old, visiting my dad’s shop with my mom during the holiday season of 1970.

Strategic Machining
MoldMaking Technology

Combining what they know with what they have allows these makers of investment casting molds to optimize the cutting of complex contours.

Investment Casting in Action
MoldMaking Technology

Watch students at Pittsburg State University as they perform parts of the investment casting process.

Designing Molds, Building Futures
MoldMaking Technology

Wes Cobb, president of Technical Design Associates Inc. in Brevard, North Carolina, is the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Mold Technologies Division’s 2016 Mold Designer of the Year.

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