Applying the Right Alloy
A focus on mold operating temperature and welding effects will help determine the right aluminum alloy for future mold builds. more (+)


AIM Institute Helps Advance Injection Molding Careers and Fill Skills Gap
MoldMaking Technology

John Beaumont made his mark in the industry through his deep involvement in, and teaching of, injection molding technologies and engineering. He was also recently nominated into the Society of Plastics Engineers’ prestigious Plastics Hall of Fame. Beaumont has yet one more accomplishment to add to his long list: He has announced the first graduating class from his newly founded American Injection Molding Institute (AIM).

Metro Mold Redefines Role of Supply Chain Partner
MoldMaking Technology

The Minnesota moldmaker has undergone a transformation it says is the result of both organic growth and strategic acquisitions.

A Mold Shop OEM
MoldMaking Technology

Years of helping customers save time and money in liquid silicone rubber (LSR)—a material that involves very different considerations from plastics—has led this shop to develop its own product line.

The LSR Learning Curve
MoldMaking Technology

This increasingly popular thermoset material follows very different rules than any plastic.

The Breadth of Conformal Cooling
MoldMaking Technology

Conformal cooling provides faster and more uniform dynamic heat transfer within in injection molds.

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