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Providing Intelligence Back to the CAD Model
MoldMaking Technology

Inspection software can help 3D CAD, 3D GD&T and measuring devices work together to ensure design intent.

Control All 3D Scanning and Probing Measurement and Data
MoldMaking Technology

A metrology tool for feature-based part inspection.

Renishaw Scanning System Performs Form, Profile Measurement on Complex Parts
MoldMaking Technology

Renishaw’s Sprint machine tool scanning system is designed for fast, accurate measurement. The system incorporates on-machine analog scanning technology said to enable form and profile data capture from both prismatic and complex 3D components.

Hexagon Metrology Miniature Infrared Touch Probe Can Access Tight Spaces
MoldMaking Technology

Designed to address the needs of miniature machining centers, Hexagon Metrology’s IRP40.50 infrared touch probe is well-suited for inspection in tight spaces.

Q-Mark Device Adjusts CMM Adapter Plate to Any Angle
MoldMaking Technology

The Cube Squared Plus from Q-Mark is designed so that CMM users can quickly position adapter plates at virtually any angle.

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Inspection and measuring equipment includes all of the tools and devices—such as coordinate measurement machines and software, probes, vision systems, balance machines, calibrators and scanners—that are used to verify that a mold and/or part’s dimensions all conform to the tolerances required by the part’s design.
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