Inspection and measuring equipment includes all of the tools and devices—such as coordinate measurement machines and software, probes, vision systems, balance machines, calibrators and scanners—that are used to verify that a mold and/or part’s dimensions all conform to the tolerances required by the part’s design.
Feature Articles

Measurement Right on the Shop Floor

Portable, direct computer controlled coordinate measurement can streamline processes and reduce inspection backlog for a better bottom line.
Feature Articles

Control the Process to Drive Profitability

Process control technology boosts productivity and profitability through increased throughput of good parts, reduced inspection time and dependable production schedules.
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New Product

Computer Tomographs Offer Faster, More Flexible Inspection

Zeiss Metrology will introduce two computer tomographs (CTs), the Metrotom 800 with an extended performance spectrum and the new Metrotom 1500, both of which are designed for faster and more flexible inspection and measurement.

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