Energy/Power Generation

MMT End Market Zones cover a variety moldmaking technologies and practice as applied in specific industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer Products, Electronics, Energy, Medical and Packaging.
Components of a windmill
Feature Articles

Wind Power Industry Opportunities Blowing Our Way

Moldmakers wishing to tap into this growing market should do their research and reach out to both wind power industry experts to learn about windmills and cutting tool suppliers to learn what it takes to enter this field.

Feature Articles

Consider Reaching Out to a Different Market to Survive Tough Times

This mold manufacturer has reassessed its market base and began dabbling in the energy industry based on its experience with CNC machining—making it a natural transition.


Nuclear Energy: An Untapped Manufacturing Opportunity

If you’re not sure how your shop’s capabilities fit into this industry, be proactive and reach out to learn more. It can open the doors to new business for your shop.

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