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CAM Upgrades Designed to Ease Programming
MoldMaking Technology

Version 24 of the WorkNC CAM solution by Vero Software features multiple upgrades designed to make programming easier, including enhancements to the Rest Material Display function, which has been transformed into an analysis tool that helps CAM programmers reduce machining preparation time.

Software Machines Parts That Require No Polishing
MoldMaking Technology

CGS North America will demonstrate the ability of the latest version of its CAM-Tool CAD/CAM software to machine a mold or die with minimal to no polishing.

CGS North America Adds its Expertise to Training Tour
MoldMaking Technology

For a second year, OSG USA has kindly allowed CGS North America Inc., to be an active participant in its “Train the Nation” tour that continues into 2016.

Enterprise Software Adds User-Guiding Costing Capabilities
MoldMaking Technology

The latest release of aPriori 2015 R1 enterprise cost management software offers more detailed cost estimates and flexible user controls to support sourcing activities and collaboration with suppliers.

Delcam to Support OSG 'Train the Nation' Tour
MoldMaking Technology

The series of one-day seminars is designed to show die and mold manufacturers how to achieve improved results and increased productivity from their machines.

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Design and engineering is essential to building a better and more cost-effective mold with shorter leadtimes. A variety of software is available to help overcome the daily challenges faced with data, quoting, designing and programming—including computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and data management software. CAM is used to generate machining programs corresponding to part designs; CAD is used for detailed engineering of 3-D models and/or 2-D drawings.

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