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Redefining CAM Technology for Moldmakers
Tool paths that dynamically adjust tool motion allow faster, safer machining without the need for high-speed equipment. more (+)


Solid Modeling Tutorial
MoldMaking Technology

Basics steps to solid modeling.

Managing All That Data
MoldMaking Technology

Product data management may have a bad rap, but making it a priority rather than an afterthought can help make the most of your design and machining information.

Tool Crib Software Helps Reduce Machine Downtime
MoldMaking Technology

The TDM Tool Crib Module from TDM Systems is designed to organize a company’s tools and production resources, including tools that are located off-site.

Viewing App Displays Synchronized CNC Processes Simultaneously
MoldMaking Technology

Okuma’s online App Store ( is offering Delcam’s PartMaker Multi-Channel Viewer app, which aligns multi-channel CNC programs side by side for immediate viewing.

CAM Software Adds Automatic Mirroring of Multiple Tool Paths
MoldMaking Technology

The main enhancement to the 2016 version of Delcam’s PowerMill programming software for five-axis and high-speed machining is the ability to mirror complete machining projects in one operation and to automatically maintain the machining characteristics.

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Design and engineering is essential to building a better and more cost-effective mold with shorter leadtimes. A variety of software is available to help overcome the daily challenges faced with data, quoting, designing and programming—including computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and data management software. CAM is used to generate machining programs corresponding to part designs; CAD is used for detailed engineering of 3-D models and/or 2-D drawings.

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