Design and engineering is essential to building a better and more cost-effective mold with shorter leadtimes. A variety of software is available to help overcome the daily challenges faced with data, quoting, designing and programming—including computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and data management software. CAM is used to generate machining programs corresponding to part designs; CAD is used for detailed engineering of 3-D models and/or 2-D drawings.
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Challenges of Multi-Cavity Co-Injection Molding

Simulation shows that, to be effective, these types of molds must be designed with consideration for how the materials will be distributed throughout them.
Feature Articles

A Connected Operation

By harnessing the collective value of data-driven systems, this moldmaker takes a proactive approach to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.
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Mold Maintenance Software Now in Cloud Platform

Designed for tracking the performance and maintenance of molds and dies, MoldTrax software is now available in a cloud-based platform, enabling maintenance managers and technicians to more easily report, store and access critical data through virtually any internet-connected device.

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