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aPriori Enterprise Software Helps Manage Product Costs
MoldMaking Technology

The aPriori 2014r1 software platform offers enterprise capabilities designed to help users better predict product costs, cost a wider variety of types of products and parts, and identify and act on product cost-reduction opportunities.

CAD/CAM Upgrade Boosts Shop’s Efficiency
MoldMaking Technology

CAD choice automates and animates, builds customer confidence through communication, and cuts design time in half.

Improve and Simplify Wire EDM
MoldMaking Technology

A CAD/CAM system with dedicated wire EDM functionality should allow the user to select a specific machine from within the system and apply the conditions to the machining operations.

The Hole Story: CAM Reduces Cycle Time when Machining Mold Bases
MoldMaking Technology

Feature recognition, CAM capabilities and machine controller interaction can reduce cycle time when machining mold bases.

Selection Criteria for Laser Scanning Technology
MoldMaking Technology

With the right choices in scanning and software technology, mold manufacturers can achieve several advances in their inspection and measurement processes.

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CAD/CAM and Other Software

Design and engineering is essential to building a better and more cost-effective mold with shorter leadtimes. A variety of software is available to help overcome the daily challenges faced with data, quoting, designing and programming—including computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and data management software. CAM is used to generate machining programs corresponding to part designs; CAD is used for detailed engineering of 3-D models and/or 2-D drawings.
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