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CAD/CAM Solution Well-Suited for Mold and Die
MoldMaking Technology

Vero Software will demonstrate the latest releases of four of its CAD/CAM/CAE software brands: Edgecam, Surfcam, Visi and WorkNC.

Mobile Simulation App Offers Remote Access to Machining
MoldMaking Technology

Spring Technologies will demonstrate the mobile system it has developed for its flagship NCSimul Machine simulation software and Player 9.1 reviewer.

CAM Software Strategies Ease Five-Axis Drilling
MoldMaking Technology

Open Mind Technologies will present its hyperMill 2014 CAM suite, which includes advanced machining strategies in five-axis drilling and roughing, plus a deformation tool in hyperCAD-S, the company’s native CAD option.

Improvements to CAM System Designed to Boost Cutting Time
MoldMaking Technology

Delcam will launch the 2015 version of its PowerMill CAM system, which includes improvements to the Vortex area-clearance strategy that are designed to produce higher feed and material-removal rates for reduced cutting time.

Software Streamlines Electrode Production
MoldMaking Technology

This German manufacturer of custom graphite electrodes benefits from software that provides a seamless transition between specialized CAD and CAM functionality.

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CAD/CAM and Other Software

Design and engineering is essential to building a better and more cost-effective mold with shorter leadtimes. A variety of software is available to help overcome the daily challenges faced with data, quoting, designing and programming—including computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and data management software. CAM is used to generate machining programs corresponding to part designs; CAD is used for detailed engineering of 3-D models and/or 2-D drawings.
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