Business Strategies

Today’s mold manufacturer needs to be as much a businessman as a craftsman, so it is crucial to pay attention to the management issues facing your shop including—sales & marketing plan, global initiatives/strategies, banking and finance, workforce development and new business opportunities.
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Skills Center: Apprentice Training - Precision Inspection and Measurement

Here are some basic principles concerning inspection and measurement to take into account when developing your related technical instruction (RTI) plan.
Feature Articles

The Bottom Line: New IRS Audit Strategy

This strategy focuses on 13 issues that the agency believes will generate the most tax revenue. Here are the three most relevant ones to mold builders.
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LLA Winner Moves Beyond Mold Manufacturing

Krieger Craftsmen, winner of the 2016 Leadtime Leader award, says it takes mold manufacturing one step further to mold “productionizing,” assuming tight tolerances and part/insert interchangeability, and speeding the process of consistent, accurate manufacturing.

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