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Personality-Based Learning in the Shop
MoldMaking Technology

Sound familiar? It should. It is a similar method to the one our 2014 Leadtime Leader Winner Westminster Tool uses within its shop to educate and train employees. However, this post shares an article on research that shows personality-based learning can be the key to creating great employees and even better project teams.

What is a Leadtime Leader?
MoldMaking Technology

We define it as a North American mold manufacturer that demonstrates outstanding innovation, efficiency, quality and commitment within its moldmaking operations.

Total MBI for October 2014
MoldMaking Technology


Finding, Training & Retaining Employees
MoldMaking Technology

Identifying and examining training constraints.

Minding the Business
MoldMaking Technology

This toolmaker and low-volume injection molder’s diversification shows that business savvy can be just as critical to success as an efficient manufacturing process.

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Business Strategies


Today’s mold manufacturer needs to be as much a businessman as a craftsman, so it is crucial to pay attention to the management issues facing your shop including—sales & marketing plan, global initiatives/strategies, banking and finance, workforce development and new business opportunities.

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