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EDM Manual Available Online or as Downloadable App
MoldMaking Technology

Poco Graphite will display the latest revision of its EDM Technical Manual, published in an online format for web access, and also now available as a downloadable app on Android and iOS systems.

Excellence Exemplified
MoldMaking Technology

Get up close and personal with our 2014 Leadtime Leader winner and honorable mention.

Collaboration Makes the Impossible Possible
MoldMaking Technology

For Industrial Molds Group, successfully completing a complex 2×2, two-shot family mold demanded a level of collaboration similar to that required by a symphony orchestra.  A leading manufacturer of power tools was under severe pressure to begin production for a new product that had to be on store shelves by Memorial Day or the customer (a major retailer) would cancel orders for the entire year.

Finding, Training & Retaining Employees - Part 10 of a Series
MoldMaking Technology

The benefits of a learner-centered educational philosophy.

Guaranteeing What You Sell
MoldMaking Technology

Mold monitoring, done right, can protect mold builders while strengthening customer relationships.

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Business Strategies


Today’s mold manufacturer needs to be as much a businessman as a craftsman, so it is crucial to pay attention to the management issues facing your shop including—sales & marketing plan, global initiatives/strategies, banking and finance, workforce development and new business opportunities.

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EDM Manual Available Online or as Downloadable App
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