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Okuma Hosts High School Students
MoldMaking Technology

North Carolina pre-engineering students learn about CNC machining technology and career opportunities in the machine tool industry.

Online, Mobile Apps Manage Tooling Information
MoldMaking Technology

ToolStats offers online and mobile platform for managing tooling and manufacturing information throughout the supply chain.

VIDEO: New Recruitment Tool on How Moldmaking Careers Make a Difference
MoldMaking Technology

The concept was to allow young professionals currently working in our industry to share their own personal journeys and thereby help educate a future generation of workers about the fulfilling, lucrative career opportunities available in mold manufacturing. We thought the best way to convey these stories would be through a video, so we sought support from key moldmaking organizations to help this idea come to life.

Making a Difference
MoldMaking Technology

It started with the knowledge that the industry we cover makes a difference in people’s lives every day. Then came the idea.

Electronics and Consumer Goods
MoldMaking Technology

Electronics poised for a rebound; consumer goods production also should improve in 2015.

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Business Strategies


Today’s mold manufacturer needs to be as much a businessman as a craftsman, so it is crucial to pay attention to the management issues facing your shop including—sales & marketing plan, global initiatives/strategies, banking and finance, workforce development and new business opportunities.

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