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What's Behind the Predicted Automotive Industry Slowdown
MoldMaking Technology

According to Harbour Results President and CEO Laurie Harbour, “The automotive industry has reached an inflection point and the entire manufacturing value chain will need to change the way it traditionally does business to remain profitable and prepare for a future downturn."

Electronics and Automotive
MoldMaking Technology

Electronics could see stronger growth, while automotive production likely to slow in 2016.

Consumer Goods and Automotive
MoldMaking Technology

Consumer goods spending should continue; automotive production should return to growth.

Laser Texturing Proves Automotive Potential
MoldMaking Technology

A cosmetic interior tooling application in North America could spell a brighter future for a process that promises savings throughout the supply chain.

The Will and the Way to Automate Mold Design
MoldMaking Technology

Persistence and the right technology enabled this automotive toolmaker to give programmers a head start on new projects and dramatically reduce calculation times.

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