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Carving a Niche with Multi-Material Sampling
MoldMaking Technology

In-house commissioning of multi-shot plastic injection molds is expected to pay dividends for this moldmaker—and, perhaps more importantly, for its customers.

Angling for “Big” Advantages in Automotive Tooling
MoldMaking Technology

This shop hopes to capitalize on growing opportunities in a different market by adding to its large-part machining capacity.

Knowledge as a Core Competency
MoldMaking Technology

This German manufacturer’s competitiveness depends on not only a streamlined workflow, but also a deep understanding of customer needs and a reliable influx of skilled employees.

Straight and Simple
MoldMaking Technology

An internal vertical lifter system enabled this shop to design a mold that releases a series of undercuts without requiring angled machining operations.

Aerospace and Automotive
MoldMaking Technology

Aerospace Production Likely to Grow Faster in 2014; Motor Vehicle and Parts Production at All-Time High

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