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A Special Message from PCS Company

Standard High Quality Aluminum Mold Bases from PCS Company!


  • Locating ring hole 4.000" diameter

  • Milled clamp slots

  • Ground parting line surface

  • Four heat treated leader pins and bushings

  • Four return pins

  • Vented leader pins

  • Three piece assembled ejector housing

  • Milled ejector plate requiring no rest buttons

  • Beveled edges on all corners

  • Parting line pry slots

  • 3D CAD data available


  • Up to 40% reduction in cycle time

  • Four to five times better thermal conductivity

  • Improved machinability and milling ability

  • Aluminum can be welded, ground and textured

  • Aluminum is lightweight

  • Successful in both prototyping and production applications


Company Profile

PCS Company Global Standard for Quality, Service and Support.

PCS Co. is a leading full-line supplier of high-quality molding components, standard and special mold bases, hot runner systems, custom-made products and nano technology products. The company is positioned to provide customers with consistent quality, exceptional customer service and component inventory. For more information about PCS and its products, visit the company's website.

Product Categories of PCS Company

  • Blades
  • Bushings
  • Cooling Systems
  • Core Pins
  • Date Inserts
  • Fully-Wired Hot Halves
  • Hot Runner Components
  • Hot Runner Manifolds
  • Interlocks
  • Internal Mold Cooling Products
  • Leader Pins
  • Lifters
  • Locating Rings
  • Machining Services
  • Mold Alignment Products
  • Mold Bases
  • Mold Insulation
  • Mold Sprays, Grease, Lubricants & Releases
  • Parting Line Side Locks
  • Slides
  • Sprue Bushings
  • Stop Pins
  • Support Pillars
  • Switches
  • Taperlocks
  • Temperature Controls, Monitors, Sensors
  • Thermal Pin/Heat Pipes
  • Valve Gate Controllers
  • Wear Plates


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