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Wheeling, IL 60090 US

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Company Profile

Family owned and operated, Kitamura Machinery has been developing state-of-the-art machine tools since 1933.

Double Column Machining Combines High Precision and High Speed with Heavy Duty Cutting Power

Don't be limited by C-Frame machines that may compromise accuracy.

As Seen In MoldMaking Technology

Someone’s Got a New “Kitty”
One company's investment in Kitamura machine tools keeps growing and business is growing along with it.

Larger VMCs Allow Small Shop to Go Bigger
Two Kitamura machines immediately gave this Michigan shop the ability to win jobs that were previously too large to even bid on.

Kitamura MyCenter HX250iG

Multitasking HMC Performs Multiple Operations
Kitamura Machinery’s Mycenter-HX250iG is a compact, high-speed HMC featuring rapid traverse rates of 2,362 ipm and is able to drill, mill, bore, tap, thread and turn light- to heavy-duty materials on a single machine.

No Compromises for Large-Mold Machining
Two double-column bridge-type VMCs reduced this operation’s reliance on outside suppliers without requiring trade-offs between power and precision.

With Many Milestones Being Hit This Year, Here Is a Big One
This year has been a celebration of many anniversaries for companies serving the mold manufacturing industry with their technology and services. From the American Mold Builder's Association celebrating 40 years to Slide Products on its 60th, here is yet another company hitting a giant milestone with its machine tool technology development celebrating 80 years.

Kitamura Machinery of USA Celebrates 80 Years
Japanese machine tool manufacturer delivers leading-edge technology with a focus on hands on attention to detail since 1933

Kitamura Recognized for Outstanding Machine Design
Precision machining center manufacturer honored with 2012 Good Design Award.

5-axis machine

Equipment Expansion Lands Additional Customers
Adding equipment to the shop floor not only accommodates existing customers, but also can serve as an investment in securing work from new customers.

Simultaneously Controlled 5-Axis Machine
The Mytrunnion-5 from Kitamura (Wheeling, IL) is a simultaneously controlled 5-axis machine with an X, Y & Z axis, and additional tilting A-Axis (150 deg. / -120 to 30 deg.) and a rotary C-Axis (360 deg.) with a 0.001 deg.

Double Column VMC
The Bridgecenter-8F Double Column Vertical Machining Center from Kitamura (Wheeling, IL) offers #40 or #50 taper spindle options for the flexibility needed in the heavy duty cutting of molds to the high-speed, high accuracy cutting required for high precision parts.

Compact Five-Axis Machining Center
Kitamura Machinery of USA, Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of vertical and horizontal machining centers introduces to market the Mytrunnion-1, it’s newest 5-axis VMCr designed for simultaneous 5-axis machining of smaller lot parts.

cutting complex three 3-D shapes

Taking Control
An increased interest in five-axis machining—coupled with advances in controls and cutting tools—add up to finer surface finishes at higher speeds.

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