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TANG-PLUNGE Unique Shell Mill Plunge

TANG-PLUNGE Unique Shell Mill Plunge

Iscar is introducing the TANGPLUNGE, a new side plunger which is the first in a new generation of plungers. The advantages of the TANGPLUNGE include the ability to machine at long overhang with minimal bending forces. This results in less vibration, noise, and tool deviation, as with typical cutters. These inserts are tangentially clamped on the frontal face of the tools creating excellent flatness. There are four cutting edges on the right-handed insert and features a positive rake face for reduced load during machining. The pocket resembles that of the TANGMILL tool which features high durability and excellent cutting performance. There are also coolant holes for efficient edge flushing and chip evacuation while machining.

FEEDMILL for Super Fast Feed Milling

FEEDMILL for Super Fast Feed Milling

Iscar’s new FEEDMILL family facilitates milling at very high feed rates - up to 0.138 inch/tooth - for high-volume metal removal. The new face mills and end mills use three special types of trigon shaped inserts (FF WO…) and are available in multiple carbide grades enabling the FEEDMILL family of tooling to be applied to a wide range of materials and various applications. The FF WO… inserts have a large radius cutting-edge-configuration that enables running at very high feed rates. The resultant cutting forces are directed axially towards the spindle. This design provides high stability and enables machining at high feed rates even in long overhang applications. In addition, the new FF WO… inserts are designed with a cylinder on the bottom that fits into a corresponding pocket on the tool holder. This unique design provides very firm clamping and relieves most of the stresses normally exerted on the clamping screw. This allows the inserts and cutting tool body to bear the higher cutting forces resulting from high feed rates.

TORMILL with New Unique Insert

TORMILL with New Unique Insert

The TORMILL is designed to perform facing, plunging, and undercutting using the same uniquely shaped insert. The specially designed peripherally ground insert features a one of a kind shape and clearance angle making it possible to perform a number of operations on a variety of materials. The small corner radii and balanced design of the TORMILL makes it ideal for side plunging, small corner, as well as very large overhang operations and produces no vibration. It is also possible to ramp into material using the TORMILL should that be required. These attributes make it ideal for the die and mold industry as well as other applications that require extremely long overhang.

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