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HASCO - Enabling with System

HASCO CoolCross Z99/...

HASCO CoolCross Z99/...

NEW: HASCO CoolCross Z99/…

The new CoolCross Z99/… opens up a range of completely new possibilities for the user when it comes to designing cooling systems for injection molds.

For the very first time, it is possible to have cooling channels crossing each other on the same plane in a flexible and inexpensive manner without any major machining requirements in production. CoolCross permits an even temperature distribution at the core or insert, as well as constant cavity cooling on all four sides for the full duration of the injection molding cycle. It also prevents hot spots. In addition, 100% protection against rotation (achieved through an intregal locking mechanism) prevents the unintended closure of the cooling channels. Different independent cooling circuits cross each other on the same plane, making it possible to incorporate small plate thicknesses and inexpensive accessory components in the mold design. By reducing the plate thickness, use can be made of shorter nozzles, guidance and attachment elements. Not only the costs of the components are brought down, but also the processing costs. Using the Z99/... permits a reduction in the number of cooling channels, since it is no longer necessary to have a cooling channel on an additional plane. If the CoolCross is used in thicker plates, the installation depth can be selected on a variable basis. Adapter Z9901/… is then used to provide support and positioning. By employing the innovative CoolCross, which is available exclusively from HASCO for the cooling circuits in injection molds, it is possible to achieve time and cost savings in both the mold unit and the accessory components.

HASCO clamping fixture A8001

HASCO clamping fixture A8001

Updated: HASCO clamping fixture A8001

The user-friendly HASCO clamping fixture A8001 permits the cost-efficient clamping of standard system plates for machining (K-plates and ejector plates). Set-up times during the clamping process can be considerably shortened, and productivity of the processing machines can be clearly boosted.

Precision bored positioning holes permit both rapid and secure variable clamping of different mold sizes with very high repeat accuracy, in a range of just 10µm (.0004"). Horizontal and vertical processing of all the standard mold dimensions can be carried out without any problems.

Positioning/locking washers used in conjunction with a special expanding collet system ensure that a friction-locked and keyed connection is achieved through the system holes and that the plate to be processed is securely positioned even when intensive machining is carried out with high load limits.

In conjunction with specially designed distance elements, processing can be conducted on five sides from just a single clamping position. Sealing plugs prevent undesirable metal chips from making their way into the unused positioning holes, thus avoiding the need for elaborate cleaning during mold changeover. User-friendly handling is ensured through colored sealing plugs, which indicate the hole positions for commonly used positions, and separately equipped plug-in modules for accessories, which are sorted according to system diameter.

With corrosion-resistant clamping plates in stainless steel and DLC coated functional elements, minimal wear is guaranteed as well as a long service life for the system.

The multifunctional HASCO clamping fixture A8001 offers economic advantages thanks to the rapid and high-precision processes it permits during clamping, as well as through the feasibility of processing more than one side. Special customer wishes, such as alignment to your zero point clamping system or round base plates, etc., can be implemented in a very short time by way of special solutions.

HASCO TopSolid Library

HASCO TopSolid Library

New Software Availability HASCO and TopSolid 7

HASCO TopSolid Library

The standard mould unit supplier HASCO and the Missler Software company are offering easy-to-use design software for tool and mould-making.

The HASCO standard elements module is now available free-of-charge in conjunction with the update for the newly developed TopSolid 7 software, as an integrated 3D-CAD solution. This new development considerably facilitates the compilation of 3D designs for injection moulds. Missler Software has configured TopSolid 7 especially to match the industries complex requirements. The multilingual menus in German, English and French ensure that the program is easy to operate.

More rapid and direct design
The standard elements module covers mould sizes from 095 x 095 mm to 796 x 996 mm with the corresponding accessories. Parametric mould units are also available, permitting a wide range of designs.

The additional processing environment for standard mould units speed up the subsequent CAM compilation and the integration of parts lists simplify the calculation of the mould as well as the direct ordering process to HASCO.

The software development is a result of the HASCO Designer Days. The standard mould unit producer is taking up the wishes and suggestions of the designers and incorporating these in its digital project.

Company Profile

HASCO creates clarity

For more than 90 years, HASCO has been supporting its customers' success with agility, innovative strength, simplicity and performance. Beginning on 28 May 2014, the company and its products will be presented in a new, clear appearance with a distinct brand promise and new communications.

The new slogan sums it up perfectly: Enabling with System.

As innovators in moldmaking and plastic injection technologies, HASCO is well-prepared to implement the ideas of its customers. With more than 100 inventions and patents, with ready-to-install system components and with personalised support.

In order to give customers a better competitive edge, HASCO is developing new digital tools and continuing its technology initiative. This is the company's approach to serve as an innovative and committed partner. For the future of moldmaking and especially for HASCO customers.

About HASCO:

Founded 1924 in Lüdenscheid, Germany, HASCO Hasenclever GmbH + Co KG is regarded as the inventor of the standard mold unit. HASCO is the world's leading supplier of modular standard mold units and accessories. The company's hallmark is based on state-of-the-art standardised mold products.

With 700 employees worldwide, including 380 in Germany, HASCO supplies customised products and services. Investments in new production technologies and infrastructure enable the company to continue setting standards for the future.


Product Categories of HASCO America, Inc.

  • Bushings
  • Cooling Systems
  • Core Pins
  • Date Inserts
  • Fasteners
  • Fully-Wired Hot Halves
  • Gears
  • Guides
  • Hot Runner Components
  • Hot Runner Manifolds
  • Hydraulic Valve Gate Nozzles
  • Interlocks
  • Internal Mold Cooling Products
  • Leader Pins
  • Lifters
  • Locating Rings
  • Locking Core Pull Cylinders
  • Mold Alignment Products
  • Mold Bases
  • Mold Frames
  • Mold Insulation
  • O-rings
  • Parting Line Side Locks
  • Quick Mold Change Systems
  • Slides
  • Spindles
  • Splines
  • Sprue Bushings
  • Stainless Steel
  • Stop Pins
  • Support Pillars
  • Taperlocks
  • Temperature Controls, Monitors, Sensors
  • Thermal Edge Gate Nozzles
  • Thermal Hot Tip Nozzles
  • Thermal Multi-Gate Nozzles
  • Tool Steel/Mold Steel
  • Wear Plates


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