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CGS North America Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary pf G&G Systems in Tokyo Japan.

Is your presnt CAD/CAM Software living up to your expectations?  You are probably cutting your molds or dies with a Triangulated Mesh surface, which is inaccurate, causes excessive tool wear, slows the machine down, requires extra unnecessary polishing and requires extra spotting.

The latest iteration of CGS North America's Elite CAD/CAM software for Molds & Dies, Cam-Tool version 12, now allows the creation of "Special Tools", which includes the unique bottom and corner rad shape on High Efficiency Roughing tools.

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Amerimold 2017: Multitudes of Metalworking Materials and Machines
Amerimold proved once again that it is THE event for moldmaking.

Stepping Up to the Challenge
This roughing strategy helps maximize metal removal rates and reduce roughing cycle times.

CGS CAM-Tool Version 13

CAM Update Ease Simultaneous 5-Axis Conversions
CGS will introduce Version 13 of its CAM-Tool software for 3D machining of molds and dies.

Technology Showcase: Case Studies
Here’s a Technology Showcase review of past case studies that you may have seen, but that may also be worth another look.

Reducing Risk in Lights-Out Machining
Surface-based CAM software can increase accuracy and make unattended machining a possibility for shops that have avoided it in the past.

Slideshow: Amerimold 2016 Preview
This annual tradeshow and technical conference addresses the business development, best practices and networking interests of the plastic injection mold manufacturing industry. Here's a small sampling of what attendees will see this year.

CGS North America CG CAM-Tool software

CAM Release Incorporates User-Defined Features
CGS North America will demonstrate the latest version of its CG CAM-Tool software, designed for machining molds or dies with minimal or to no polishing required.

Make a Case for Your Favorite Product in MMT
Like Sherlock Holmes, I’m looking for clues. The right clues will lead me to uncovering the facts about products that have significantly impacted the operations of moldmakers and molders. So readers, consider this a call for case studies!

High Accuracy and Efficiency CAM System Speeds Mold Building
The ability to machine smaller details into molds has reduced or often even eliminated the need for secondary surface finish operations.

Slideshow: Amerimold 2015 Preview
Considered THE event for mold manufacturing, Amerimold covers many facets of the industry, from its exhibits to its technical conference. Here's a small sampling of what will be highlighted for attendees.

Software Machines Parts That Require No Polishing
CGS North America will demonstrate the ability of the latest version of its CAM-Tool CAD/CAM software to machine a mold or die with minimal to no polishing.

CGS North America Adds its Expertise to Training Tour
For a second year, OSG USA has kindly allowed CGS North America Inc., to be an active participant in its “Train the Nation” tour that continues into 2016.

Updated CAD/CAM Software—CGS North America Inc., Booth 119
CGS North America will demonstrate the latest version of its Elite CAD/CAM Software CAM-TOOL Version 9.1, highlighting its ability to machine a mold or die with minimal to no polishing.

Software Advances Push Limits of Speed and Quality
Software for moldmaking continues to evolve as sophisticated features and capabilities are introduced, enabling mold manufacturers to produce the highest quality work in the most compressed leadtimes to date.

Unique Mold Challenge Showcases Moldmaker as Customer Consultant
Ultimately, the Roembke Mfg. mold was a single-drop cold deck with a standard LSR valve gate design featuring side injection versus back injection for the plastic.

Elite CAD/CAM Software; Booth 109
CAM-TOOL Version 8.1.

  CGS North America CAM-Tool CAD/CAM software

CAM Software Separates Roughing, Finishing
Version 8.1 of CGS North America’s CAM-Tool CAD/CAM software features a Protruding Divide function that enables users to separate roughing and finishing programs based on the length of the tool protruding from the holder.

CGS North America Inc. Announces Release of CG CAM-TOOL for SolidWorks 2011
CGS North America Inc. is excited to announce, the release of CG CAM-TOOL for SolidWorks 2011 CAD Software. CG CAM-TOOL is developed in Japan by C & G Systems Inc.

Case Study: Software
CAM Package Streamlines Five-Axis Machining for Electronics/Medical Moldmaker

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