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A Message from DME/Milacron

Company Profile

DME was founded to help streamline the manufacture of plastic injection molds.

Let DME show you why its worldwide customers consider us to be an essential resource

Stellar Hot Runner SystemThe proven DME Stellar Hot Runner System brings high performance, exacting precision and flexible, cost-effective modular construction to very small part molding.

Metric Pins, Sleeves and Blades

DME’s Custom Pins, Sleeves and Blades offer a solution for challenging new applications that require something special.

VectorForm® Lifter System

The VectorForm® Lifter System will accommodate angles of 30° or more.

As Seen In MoldMaking Technology

Milacron to Consolidate DME's North American Mold Base Operations
On Friday, Milacron informed the employees at the DME Youngwood, Pennsylvania, mold base manufacturing facility that all operations will be moving to DME’s facility in Greenville, Michigan, late this summer.

Technology Showcase: Case Studies, Part 2
For the many differences between moldmaking companies that I’ve observed, there are just as many similarities, and by that I mean challenges shared. You may find some solutions here.

Building a Better Tool
Collaboration was key to building a mold that would drastically cut cycle time.

Throwback Thursday: Best Practices for Surface Finishing
Surface finishing is as critical an aspect of building a mold as the design, so a review of some best practices is always a good idea.

Quickly Getting to the Root of the Problem
Diagnostic device helps molders simply check hot runner cables to ensure connectivity.

DME MoldXChecker

Simplified Multimeter Speeds Hot Half Testing
DME’s MoldXChecker is designed test the hot half of a mold faster and more reliably than the traditional method of multimeter testing, which requires touching each terminal.

DME ProWeld micro-welding system

Micro-Welding System Repairs Small Areas of Molds
DME’s ProWeld micro-welding system is well-suited for repairing very small areas of molds without the need for other types of welding such as argon, laser and TIG.

Mold Maker, Designer Recognized at Amerimold
SPE presented its moldmaker and mold designer of the year awards to Harry Raimondi of Bales Metal Surface Solutions (Downer’s Grove, Illinois) and Chris Hanes of Micro Mold Company Inc. and Plastikos Inc. (Erie, Pennsylvania).

Common Sense Innovation and Moldmaker Collaboration
As I walked the aisles of NPE last month, taking in all the plastics-related technologies and solutions on display, two obvious trends emerged: logical innovation and moldmaker collaboration.

Product Focus Slideshow: Hot Runners
The Product Focus in the February issue of MoldMaking Technology highlights a number of hot runner technologies.

Slideshow: Hot Runner Technology
Check out some of the latest in hot runner technology.

Temperature Control System Enhances Hot Runner Operations
Designed to help optimize injection molding performance, the DME Intelligent Temperature Control System offers a small footprint and plug-and-play compatibility with a range of hot runner systems.

DME Company Announces Sales Team Additions
Seasoned industry veterans bring diverse expertise to plastics industry customers.

Hot Runner Running Efficiently?
Follow these tips to set up your system and keep it running smoothly.

University of Wisconsin-Platteville Student Awarded DME Plastics University Scholarship
DME Company, a leading manufacturer of mold technologies, has awarded a $1,000 DME Plastics University scholarship to a senior student at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

A Handy Reference
Whether the goal is to learn or to refresh existing knowledge, this online tool delivers with diagrams and animations that illustrate concepts at the heart of any mold manufacturing operation.

DME Manufacturing Expansion Boosts Large Mold Base Production
DME has expanded mold base manufacturing capabilities at its three North American manufacturing centers, enabling the company to produce large mold bases more quickly and efficiently for moldmakers.

Component Lines Expanded to Meet Metric Demand
DME Co., amerimold 2014 Booth 307

DME Pre-Machined Insulator Sheets Cut Time, Labor Costs
DME offers a line of pre-machined, high-temperature insulator sheets for standard mold bases.

New MMT/SPI Webinar Series: Global Market Opportunities for Moldmakers
This webinar, sponsored by DME Company and presented by MoldMaking Technology and the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI), will examine the industry trade in these two markets focusing on opportunities for U.S. moldmakers.

Product Categories of DME/Milacron

Air and Hydraulic Cylinders
Air Grinders
Cooling Systems
Core Pins
Cutting Fluids
Cutting Tools
Date Inserts
Ejector Pins
End Mills
Fully-Wired Hot Halves
Heating Equipment
Hot Runner Components
Hot Runner Manifolds
Hydraulic Valve Gate Nozzles
Internal Mold Cooling Products
Laser Welding Equipment
Leader Pins
Locating Rings
Locking Core Pull Cylinders
Mold Alignment Products
Mold Bases
Mold Cleaning Services
Mold Finishing Systems
Mold Flow and Simulation Software
Mold Frames
Mold Insulation
Mold Maintenance & Repair Services
Mold Sprays, Grease, Lubricants & Releases
Mold Wiring
Mounted Points
Parting Line Side Locks
Pneumatic Valve Gate Nozzles
Polishing Equipment
Polishing Services
Power and Thermocouple Cables
Pressure Controls, Sensors, Monitors
Process Controllers
Pry Bars
Quick Mold Change Systems
Replacement Parts
Rust Preventatives
Safety Equipment
Setup Cart
Sprue Bushings
Stainless Steel
Stop Pins
Support Pillars
Temperature Controls, Monitors, Sensors
Thermal Edge Gate Nozzles
Thermal Hot Tip Nozzles
Thermal Multi-Gate Nozzles
Thermal Pin/Heat Pipes
Tool Steel/Mold Steel
Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment
Valve Gate Controllers
Valve Gate Sequencers
Wear Plates