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PowerSHAPE 2014

The 2014 release of Delcam's PowerSHAPE CAD system includes many new features for you to enhance your CNC machine tool with PowerSHAPE. They include faster and more reliable data translation, unique tools to fix problem parts quickly, flexibility to allow you to work the way you want, ability to re-create parts from scannd data, powerful analysis tools to spot potential issues in a part and direct modeling tools to modify complex geometry quickly and simply.


For programming of complex parts the new version of Delcam's PowerMILL CAM system includes new and enhanced strategies for both roughing and finishing of 3 to 5-axis parts. 

Company Profile


As the developer of the world's leading specialist machining software with the largest development team in the industry, Delcam is uniquely placed to provide solutions that are both powerful and practical. Delcam's range of complete automated CADCAM solutions can help companies from concept design through to the manufacture.

No matter what market or what machines you use, Delcam has proven technology to ensure prompt and efficient delivery of products to market. - Feature/Knowledge based machining, minimizing programming time for mills, lathes, mill-turn and wire EDM. - Production Swiss machining and multi axis turning for precision parts with minimal setup and cycle times. - Advanced machining strategies, minimizing manufacturing time and maximizing finish quality. - Hybrid modeling for quick and easy manipulation of CAD models for manufacturing. - Fast and easy software program that works with different inspection devices to compare parts against CAD formats. - Integrated design and machining for decorative products. - Customized CADCAM solutions for healthcare sectors, Orthotics & Orthopaedic footwear, Dental restorations, Custom-made prostheses and Maxillofacial reconstruction. - Design and manufacturing solutions to help produce the last, the upper design or the finished sole. - Stand along CAD translator program capable of translating from many popular CAD input formats to many output formats. - Web based software program for task management.

As the only international CADCAM company that operates an in-house engineering workshop, coupled with a close relationship with customers and suppliers, you can rest assured that each software release produced by Delcam will tackle tough manufacturing challenges. Furthermore, since Delcam software is all based on Delcam's own kernel (not third party plug ins) they are unique, optimized mathematical methods for ease of use, control and flexibility.



Product Categories of Delcam North America

  • CAD (Computer Aided Design)
  • CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)
  • CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing)
  • Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) Software
  • Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs)
  • Data Management Software/Services
  • Data Translation Software
  • Inspection/Measurement Services
  • Manufacturing Automation Software
  • Mold Design Services
  • Mold Flow and Simulation
  • Mold Quoting Software
  • NC Simulation and Verification Software
  • Noncontact Measurement Systems
  • Optical Measuring Systems
  • Product Design and Development Services
  • Rapid Prototyping Equipment
  • Rapid Prototyping Services
  • Rapid Tooling Services
  • Reverse Engineering Services
  • Reverse Engineering Software


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Product Announcements Provided By Delcam North America

Fastest Ever CAM system

Case Studies

New Technology headed for IMTS

As seen in MMT

  • Delcam Waives Software Fees for Training Centers

    The company says the move could help to address the shortage of skilled manufacturing workers.

  • Delcam to support OSG ‘Train the Nation’ Tour for Die, Mold Manufacturers

    The traveling tour runs through September.

  • Delcam to Support OSG 'Train the Nation' Tour

    The series of one-day seminars is designed to show die and mold manufacturers how to achieve improved results and increased productivity from their machines.

  • Power to Change

    Paragon D&E's ‘Power to Change’ motto entails its team working together to create methods for doing things more efficiently and trusting their decisions. A key component to that philosophy is its powerful CAD/CAM software.

  • New Leadership at Delcam

    Pete Baxter is now vice president at the manufacturing software developer.

  • New Delcam Support Staffers Well-Versed in Moldmaking

    The company says its support staff expansion is driven by increased North American demand for its CAD/CAM software.

  • VIDEO: How to Machine a Football

    We are in the heat of football season, so what better time to showcase how a football is machined.This video shows a model American Football being created out of 6061 Aluminium with a Toyoda UX-570 5 axis machine with a 3D offset toolpath: 0.032 dia cutter mounted in a Typhoon HSM Jet Spindle using thru spindle coolant at 36,000 RPM and 400 IPM.

  • Integrated Electrode Software Supports More EDMs

    Delcam has enhanced its Delcam Electrode software for electrode design, machining and inspection, integrating its PowerShape, PowerMill and PowerInspect software, and extending the range of EDM equipment supported by the software.

  • Moldmaker Making Machines

    Grand Rapids-based Paragon D&E has collaborated with Fidia and Delcam to bring to market the Fidia GTFM, a large bridge-style five axis milling machine.

  • IMTS: The Need for Speed

    High-efficiency and five-axis machining are essential for gaining speed and accuracy in machining operations today. To drive that point home Delcam has set up a dedicated test drive area in its IMTS booth where visitors are shown key features of its CAM software in 30 seconds, highlighting just how fast the software is.

  • New Strategies for High-Speed Roughing

    An alternative approach to this application produces tool paths with a controlled engagement angle.

  • Software Options Enables Easier Mirroring of Parts

    Delcam will unveil the latest version of its FeatureCAM feature-based software, which offers such productivity-enhancing options as a new command that enables easier mirroring of entire parts or projects.

  • Improvements to CAM System Designed to Boost Cutting Time

    Delcam launched the 2015 version of its PowerMill CAM system, which includes improvements to the Vortex area-clearance strategy that are designed to produce higher feed and material-removal rates for reduced cutting time.

  • Delcam Donates More Than 1,000 Delcam University Courses to SkillsUSA

    Delcam has donated over 1,000 Delcam University courses, with a total value close to $300,000, to the SkillsUSA partnership of students, teachers and industry representatives who are working together to ensure that America has a skilled workforce.

  • Delcam Sales Partner Meeting Gives Update on Autodesk Acquisition

    Following the recent acquisition of Delcam by Autodesk, the company’s 2014 Sales Partner Meeting was always going to be one of the most significant in its history. It was little surprise that the Meeting, which was held at the St. John’s Hotel in Solihull from last month, attracted the highest attendance in the company’s history.

  • Delcam Launches New Website

    Delcam has a launched a new website to make it easier for visitors to find details on the company and its CADCAM products and services. The new site has been redesigned completely to make navigation between different sections much easier and more intuitive.

  • Autodesk Completes Acquisition of Delcam

    Addition of Industry Leading CAM Software to Accelerate Development of Technology for Advanced Manufacturing

  • Delcam Shareholders Vote to Accept Autodesk Offer

    Shareholders in Delcam, one of the world’s leading suppliers of advanced software for manufacturing industry, today voted to accept the offer made by Autodesk to acquire the company. The acquisition is expected to be completed during February.

  • Delcam Grows its International Workforce

    Delcam added more than 50 extra staff to its international workforce during 2013 to give a total of more than 700 employees within the organisation by the end of the year.


  • High Speed Roughing Tool Path Strategy

    The amount of time that can be saved with the new roughing strategies varies with the material and shape being cut, and the machine tool and cutting tools being used. A series of trials1 has shown that a time savings of at least 40 percent is achievable.