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Who is CAE Services?

CAE Services Corporation,  offers Moldflow engineering services and more importantly . . . part design and molding solutions. Our staff, through Moldflow can evaluate all aspects of the part design and molding process. Ideal for those who want to reduce mold sampling costs and eliminate trial & error methods  “Get it Right the 1st Time"  with CAE Services! 

Company Profile

CAE Services has become North America's premier provider of MoldFlow Analysis services. This title was not achieved by analysis alone...the value we provide to our customers goes beyond simulation analysis. We provide solutions. Solutions in part design, material selection, gate size/location, cooling and warp related issues.

Product Categories of CAE Services Corporation

  • CAE (Computer Aided Engineering)
  • Consulting Services/Industry Data
  • Mold Design Services
  • Mold Flow and Simulation
  • Testing/Analysis Services

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