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As Seen In MoldMaking Technology

Technology Showcase: Mold Components and Surface Treatment
Today’s Technology Showcase features products you may have missed in recent issues.

Throwback Thursday: Optimizing Aluminum Tools
Do you build aluminum molds? Here's a throwback that will provide some great tips on how to keep them running optimally.

Bales Metal Surface Solutions Diamond EN

EN Coating Protects Tooling from Wear
Bales Metal Surface Solutions’ Diamond EN electroless nickel coating incorporates diamond particles into the electroless nickel for increased durability, protecting tooling from wear.

SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase, Mold Maintenance, Repair and Surface Treatment
A gentleman who managed a major medical molding corporation once told me that mold maintenance is a crucial, but often overlooked, aspect of optimizing mold performance.

From Machining and Cutting Tools to Surface Treatment and Repair, Amerimold Exhibitors Aim Impress
With a record number of exhibitors at Amerimold 2016, supplier companies from all aspects of the moldmaking industry brought their A-games. We'd like to show you a few highlights!

Watching for Wear
Considering how coatings wear over time extends the options for mold surface finishes beyond hard chrome and electroless nickel.

Bales Metal Surface Solutions Diamond E.N. coating

Nickel Coating Protects Steel and Aluminum
Diamond E.N. from Bales Metal Surface Solutions is an electroless nickel coating with nano-sized diamond particles that offers a balance of corrosion and wear resistance, plus lubricity.

Young Leaders: Blazing New Trails
Today I’m happy to be able to blog about the third honoree of three who were honored at the recent Annual Meeting of the Technology and Manufacturing Association (TMA).

Plating Improves Beryllium Copper Molds
Moldmakers often overlook surface treatment as a way to further maximize the life and performance of beryllium copper molds.

EN Coating Boosts Wear Resistance, Cuts Friction
Bales Metal Surface Solutions has developed an electroless nickel coating with nano-sized diamond particles for increased wear resistance.

A Successful Succession
The Bales sisters have brought their family-owned company a long way since taking the reins in the wake of an unexpected tragedy in 2009.

Mold Maker, Designer Recognized at Amerimold
SPE presented its moldmaker and mold designer of the year awards to Harry Raimondi of Bales Metal Surface Solutions (Downer’s Grove, Illinois) and Chris Hanes of Micro Mold Company Inc. and Plastikos Inc. (Erie, Pennsylvania).

EN Coating Increases Wear Resistance
Bales Metal Surface Solutions will introduce Diamond E.N., a new electroless nickel coating with nano-sized diamond particles for increased wear- and friction-resistance.

Expanding Aluminum’s Potential
Hard-coating provides a number of benefits that make aluminum tooling an attractive alternative to steel.

Bales Recognized for Success
The metal surface solutions provider received an award for sustained success as a family business.

Bales Metal Surface Solutions Hosts "Coating Aluminum for Protection" Webinar
Plating is a cost effective way to optimize the performance of aluminum molds by increasing the hardness. This webinar will discuss what types of aluminum are best for a polished finish, tips on how polished finishes and coatings are used for maximum protection and part release, and an inside look at masking techniques.

Bales Simplifies Company Name, Updates Website
Bales has rebranded itself from “Bales Mold Service Inc.” to simply “Bales” and has launched an updated website with more content.

EN Plating Protects Molds from Corrosion, Abrasion
Engineered electroless nickel plating from Bales Mold Service is designed to protect molds from corrosion and abrasion.

Plating and Maintaining Textured Surfaces
Communication with your texturing and plating sources is key to properly maintaining the mold surface.

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