After my story with UL AMCC on often-overlooked safety concerns, I was in the area and able to stop by for a quick tour.


Director of Educational Programming Ed Tackett and GM Paul Bates of UL AMCC welcomed me into the center to show me around the training facility and talk a little shop. David Virgin of Kinetic Filtration also stopped by, so I was able to get an update on his unit that connects to the wet separator and sequesters the metal powders from the waste stream.

On a related note, Paul will be presenting Foundations of AM for Toolmaking and Injection Molding
​Tuesday, June 13th 1pm-5pm at Amerimold in Rosemont, Illinois.  Topics will include an additive manufacturing industry and technology overview, the four phases of the 3D printing process and activity-based learning on how the technology is being utilized in tool making and injection molding. 


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