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OMAX 60120

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OMAX Corp.’s (Kent, WA ) OMAX 60120 JetMachining® center is equipped with OMAX’s EnduroMAX™ pump and Tilt-A-Jet® system. The other highlighted machine will be the MAXIEM® 1515 JetCutting Center with a 30 kW (40 hp) pump and the A-Jet™ multi-axis accessory.


As the smallest of OMAX’s bridge-style waterjet machines, the OMAX 60120 sports a generous table size of 3,656 mm x 1,956 mm (144" x 77") that easily accommodates larger stock. The machine also features Intelli-TRAX® high-precision traction drive technology and an X-Y cutting travel of 3,200 mm x 1,575 mm (126" x 62").


The EnduroMAX pump for OMAX JetMachining Centers provides the OMAX 60120 with double the operating life and makes for faster part processing, lower operating costs, and easier maintenance. It maximizes machine uptime with a 1,000-hour operating range between required pump rebuilds when run at 3,800 bar (55,000 psi), and its mean time between required rebuilds is double that of previous pump technology. However, the new pump effortlessly runs continuously at 4,100 bar (60,000 psi).


OMAX’s Tilt-A-Jet system on the OMAX 60120 automatically calculates and offsets the machine’s cutting head to compensate for the natural taper that results from the abrasivejet stream. The result is virtually zero taper at cut edges.

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