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Cube Mold System to Produce PET Preforms

Foboha GmbH will debut in the U.S. use of its cube mold system to produce PET preforms using Trexel MuCell technology in the oPTI process developed by Plastics Technology Inc. (PTI).

Open Laser-Welding Workstation Handles Variety of Materials

LaserStar Technologies will present its 7800 Series open laser-welding workstation, which is well-suited for tool and die, and injection mold repair, in addition to general welding of large parts.

Moldmaker Specializes in Multi-Cavity Tools

Dynamic Tool & Design specializes in close tolerance, multi-cavity injection molds for the packaging, personal care and healthcare industries.

Internal Valve Gating Operates Inside Molds at High Temps

MHS - Mold Hotrunner Solutions will feature its Rheo-Pro Black Box actuators and iVG internal valve gate nozzles, which can operate directly inside the mold at temperatures ranging to 450°C (850°F) without seal wear or cooling.

Molds to be Used in Collaborative Demonstrations

Crest Mold Technology is collaborating on processing demonstrations with developers from Milacron, Single, Contura, ICS Laser, MoldMasters, DME, RJG and Trexel MuCell, as well as material suppliers.

Virtual Molding Software Enables Process Evaluation

SigmaSoft Virtual Molding technology from Sigma Plastic Services is designed to evaluate and optimize injection molding processes and molds for increased efficiency, productivity and part quality.

Micro Welders Repair Molds and Dies

MoldMender micro welders from Rocklin Manufacturing repair plastic injection molds, rubber processing molds, and die-casting molds and steel dies.

Self-Adhesive Wrap Protects Molds from Corrosion

DMS Co’s booth will include MetalRustGuard, a self -adhesive wrap that protects metal molds from rust and corrosion in virtually any type of climate, including high humidity and marine environments.

AMBA Offers Mold Manufacturers Variety of Services

The American Mold Builders Association (AMBA) represents approximately 230 member companies in the U.S. mold manufacturing industry.

Combination Welder Enables Wire and Powder Deposition

The LRS EVO Diode Line combination system for wire and powder deposition welding now features a powder nozzle that enables efficient welding of free and complex outlines, as well as form-close structures from CAD software programs.

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