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Machining Center Performs 5-Axis Contouring
Designed for simultaneous five-axis contouring of a range of complex parts, Doosan’s FM 200/5AX Linear five-axis machining center is built on a rigid bridge-type base composed of a highly stable mineral composite material.
New Product Announcements Published: 10/20/2014
Probe Inspects Surface Finish within CMM Routines
The SFP1 probe option for Renishaw’s Revo five-axis measurement system enables surface finish inspection to be fully integrated within coordinate measurement routines, making the CMM a “single platform” metrology system.
New Product Announcements Published: 10/20/2014
Software Offers Enhanced Injection Molding Simulation
Aimed at eliminating molding defects and increasing production efficiency on plastics, Moldex3D R13.0 injection molding simulation software from CoreTech System Co. (Moldex3D) enables users to visualize melt front behavior inside the mold cavity and...
New Product Announcements Published: 10/3/2014
Integrated Electrode Software Supports More EDMs
Delcam has enhanced its Delcam Electrode software for electrode design, machining and inspection, integrating its PowerShape, PowerMill and PowerInspect software, and extending the range of EDM equipment supported by the software.
New Product Announcements Published: 10/3/2014
Pre-Square Tool Steel Reduces Labor Costs
Diehl Steel offers a range of steel products, including its Accu-Square tool steel, which reduces labor costs with six-sided pre-squaring to a customer-defined tolerance range, eliminating the need for further squaring of the blocks.
New Product Announcements Published: 10/2/2014
Mold Cleaner Contains No Chlorinated Solvents
The newest formulation of Slide Products’ Mold Cleaner Plus Degreaser 4 contains no chlorinated solvents and is less expensive, helping reduce the cost of mold maintenance and increasing worker and workplace safety.
New Product Announcements Published: 10/1/2014
EDM Suited for Hole Drilling
Makino's EDBV8 EDM hole driller is well-suited for producing film cooling holes and shaped diffuser holes in blade and vane segments.
New Product Announcements Published: 10/1/2014
Finish-Ground Blank Mold Plate Available Off the Shelf
PCS Co. offers finish-ground blank mold plate in P20 and stainless steel in more than 250 frame size and plate thickness combinations.
New Product Announcements Published: 10/1/2014
Milling Catalog Offers Comprehensive Machining Data
The expanded ATI Stellram Milling Catalog includes the company’s latest product offerings as well as comprehensive cutting conditions data to maximize cutting tool performance.
New Product Announcements Published: 9/30/2014
DLC Coating Reduces Wear on Latch Locking Units
The functional surfaces of Hasco’s Z170, Z171 and Z174 latch locking units feature a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating designed to minimize friction and wear.
New Product Announcements Published: 9/30/2014

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