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Direct-Gating Technology Eliminates Need for Cold Runner

Husky Injection Molding Systems’ Ultra SideGate hot runner is designed for direct-gating of parts that would otherwise require gating with a cold runner.

HTT-type Nozzle Tips Boost Material Flow

Incoe’s HTT-type nozzle tips is are designed to provide optimal material flow in the tip and systematic temperature control in the hot runner gate area, which are said to be particularly important for achieving even filling and clean separation at d...

Hot Runner Nozzles Suited for Demanding Polymer Applications

Hasco offers its Z33 and Z34 range of Techni Shot hot runner nozzles, designed for demanding injection molding applications involving high-performance technical polymers.

Temperature Control System Enhances Hot Runner Operations

Designed to help optimize injection molding performance, the DME Intelligent Temperature Control System offers a small footprint and plug-and-play compatibility with a range of hot runner systems.

Rotary-Table Laser Marking Workstations Boost Throughput

FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving has added two high-throughput laser marking workstations to its M series for industrial laser material processing.

Software Delivers Increased Design Flexibility, Higher Productivity

The latest version of Siemens PLM Software’s NX (NX 10) program includes new capabilities designed to deliver increased product development flexibility and higher productivity.

Tool-Based Technology Boosts Hot Runner Molding Control

Synventive Molding Solutions’ activeGate tool-based molding technology is designed to provide control over the molding process and to enable production of higher-quality parts than traditional hot runner systems.

Multi-LED Lamps Lend Inspection Versatility

Quadran 365 Series NDT lamps from Paul N. Gardner Co. feature four high-flux UV-A LED lights plus a white-light LED to quickly switch between fluorescent inspection and flaw location.

Compact CMM Provides Accuracy to 0.7 Micron

Mitutoyo America’s Strato-Apex574 coordinate measuring machine is a compact bridge-type design featuring accuracy as low as 0.7 micron, utilizing a 0.05 micron resolution scale and temperature range of 18-22C° (64.4-71.6F°).

Cast Iron Milling Grade Features Wear-Resistant Coating

Designed for cast iron milling, Sandvik Coromant’s wear-resistant GC3330 insert grade features the company’s Inveio coating, which uses uni-directional crystal orientation for greater endurance, predictability and tool life.

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