High-Speed Milling and Cost-Effective EDM


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GF AgieCharmilles spotlighted its Mikron HSM 200U LP (linear performance) milling machine and its Form 20 sinker EDM. The Mikron HSM 200U LP brings speed, efficiency, precision and true 5-axis simultaneous milling to the machining of small, highly complex components, according to the company. Linear motor technology in the main machine axes and optimized direct-drive motors for the B and C axes result in high precision and part surface finishes as fine as Ra 0.05 µm. Furthermore, the machine’s 50,000-rpm, 11.4-hp Step-Tec spindle also assists in providing surface finish and part detail. The Form 20 is designed for optimum connectivity capability, overall enhanced performance and a modern, compact design. The machine meets the cost-effective part-production needs of today’s manufacturing industries, including general mold and die. It is also one of the first machines available with the new, recently developed AC Form HMI (human machine interface) CNC that centers on user friendliness and intuitiveness to significantly shorten the learning curve for beginner EDM operators. The company says the machine excels in burning deep ribs in such parts as mold cores.




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