High-Productivity, Five-Axis Machining Solution

UMC-750/CAD-CAM TopSolid’Cam package

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Missler Software and Haas Automation have increased collaboration towards the development of an easy-to-use, affordable, high productivity five-axis machining solution. The French CAD/CAM software vendor Missler Software developed and tested a powerful, specific five-axis TopSolid’Cam post-processor that is perfectly adapted to using and programming the new Haas UMC-750 universal machining center for five-axis positioning and full five-axis continuous machining.

This five-axis simultaneous machining solution is reported to be capable of delivering high performance and reliability coupled with a high degree of flexibility. The UMC-750/CAD-CAM TopSolid’Cam package offers a concrete response to the needs of companies who want to make their machining operations faster and easier and thereby achieve significant productivity and time gains, the companies report.


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