Extreme Depth Drills

XD drill

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XD drills from Walter Titex (Waukesha, WI) are able to drill "extreme depths" without pecking. This tool type has reached a drilling depth of 70xD for the first time. Standard depths are up to 30xD; depths up to 70xD have been achieved in special cases. Factors responsible for this huge increase in performance are essentially three special structural and manufacturing features: Walter is producing solid carbide blanks by applying a new method, which makes this type of long solid carbide twist drill possible. The finishing procedure utilizes a special grinding process. As is the case with all XD drills, cooling is provided by internal coolant channels. Despite the deep drilling depth, high-pressure coolant systems are not necessary.

The XD70 is currently being produced as a special tool, in diameters ranging from 0.197” to 0.472” (5 to 12 mm). Two tip coatings are available depending on the material: TFP for soft steels and XPL for cast iron.


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