End Mills Laser-Measured for Higher Accuracy


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The RobbJack group’s Crystallume division presented enhancements to its Mold Maker line of end mills that are smaller than 1/4" (6 mm) in diameter. The end mills now are laser-measured and the size, said to be accurate to 0.0001, is marked on the packaging. According to Crystallume, this will enable customers to manufacture electrodes to a higher accuracy.

Mold Maker tools offer features specifically for electrode and mold manufacturing. They have a 5× diameter-to-flute length with an extended shank, and feature tolerances of +0.0000/-0.0005" (+0.000/-0.013 mm) for tools with cutting diameters as large as 1/8" (3 mm) and +0.0000/0.0010" (+0.000/-0.025 mm) for larger tools. Shanks are held to a tolerance of -0.0001/-0.0002" (-0.0025/-0.0050 mm) to ensure consistent and concentric gripping in shrink-fit holders. The tools are also available necked for extended reach.

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