By: 11. September 2012

Now This Is Brilliant!

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Yesterday Craig Cegielski of Eleva-Strum Tech spoke on his bold idea about manufacturing education. The highest-level class in his school's vocational manufacturing program  takes on contract machining work from commercial customers. A class full of students making actual, sellable, end-use parts. A student-run job shop located on school grounds. What a brilliant way to teach AND help fund the school’s program.

MoldMaking Technology's sister publication, Modern Machine Shop features a story by Senior Editor Pete Zelinski that highlights the high school in Wisconsin mentioned above, which runs its manufacturing vocational program as a business.

Its name is Eleva-Strum Central High School (Strum, WI), and the junior- and senior-year manufacturing class that is part of this school-based job shop is called Cardinal Manufacturing.

Pete discovers that the program is thriving, cash flow is strong and local manufacturers can now hire recent graduates who already have experience in meeting customer demands. This is definitely worth the read.




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