By: 17. June 2014

2014 Top 10 Reasons to Be a Moldmaker Are ...

This year's top 10 reasons to be a moldmaker are:
10   We can set off a metal detector with our bare hands. 
9      Moldmakers have expanded core values.
8      We firmly believe in tolerance.
7      Moldmakers aren't rough around the edges.
6      We get the opportunity to vent at work.
5      Moldmakers are happiest when the chips are down.
4      We are the only people who are happy to have a cavity filled.
3      We do better setups than a bartender.
2      It's one job where making a negative impression creates a positive result.
No. 1 Reason:   It's a choice: tool or die.
Congratulations to this year's winners!
Grand Prize Winner: Christain Miller, TriMark Corporation
Runners Up: Dennis Carmichael, Iris USA; Kenneth Matone, Toyota Boshoku America; Don Henza, Polymetrix; Phil McNeish, McNeish Precision Tool & Design; Doug Holm, TriMark Corporation; Klen Rury, Phillips-Medsize Medford; Marc Jaker, Dynamic Group; and, Jeff Sawicki, IMS Company.
Not only are we turning to you for your top reasons to be a moldmaker, we are now also asking you to "Show Us Your Shirts!" Just snap a picture of yourself or your team wearing your MMT Top 10 t-shirts and email them to me at for a little fun exposure! 
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