3-in-1: Print, Mill and Mold

By: Christina M. Fuges 17. October 2014

It is an interesting machining development in the midst of all the technological innovations that we've seen during the past year, especially when it comes to additive manufacturing. That is why I thought I'd share it with you.

This 3-in-1 machine is called the TRiBOT. According to Luminar Products, a small manufacturing company located outside of Boise, Idaho, it is a retrofitted bench top manual milling machine designed to take advantage of its initial industrial strength and add practical automated functions for specific manufacturing applications.

Inventors say this machine fills the void that currently exists between light-duty 3D printers and heavier duty machining and injection molding equipment. This desktop machine will allow small manufacturers to grow their businesses by taking ideas from prototype to production without investing in three different machines at more than three times the cost.

Check out their story here.


Building an Integrated Manufacturing Center to Help Fill the Skills Gap

By: Christina M. Fuges 16. October 2014

I've known Bob Novak of Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC) for a few years now, and have come to understand his mission and fully embrace his passion for the industry and the students he teaches. We've covered him and his program in MMT, and he's spoken a couple times at our amerimold expo on the industry's workforce challenges and how he and WCTC have faced them head on.

That is why I wanted to fill you in on WCTC's latest project. WCTC is working to create a new Integrated Manufacturing Center (IMC) to raise WCTC manufacturing programs to a new level and to provide innovative solutions to the skills gap crisis.

The center will be connected to the Industrial Building and will be home to several programs within the School of Applied Technologies. It will serve as the hub of manufacturing on campus, facilitating integrated learning for multiple disciplines and promote a spirit of collaboration among programs.

According to WCTC, the proposed 24,000-square-foot IMC will include:
  • Automation Systems Technology laboratory (2)
  • Integrated Manufacturing and Engineering laboratory
  • Industrial Maintenance Technician laboratory
  • Electronics laboratory (2)
  • Electronics fabrication laboratory
  • Engineering lecture hall
  • AST classroom
  • Engineering classrooms (2)
  • IMC technology lab
  • Conference rooms (2)
You can learn more about the project here.  To make a donation in support of the IMC, visit

Go West

By: Christina M. Fuges 14. October 2014

On November 11th the Annual Mike Koebel Western Moldmakers Trade Fair will celebrate its 24th year with the introduction of a conference element to its traditional trade fair. The program includes presentations on conformal cooling from Linear Mold, technology investment and implementation from Paragon D&D, and toolroom setup from ToolingDocs.

This event takes place at the Sheraton Fair Hotel and Conference Center in Pomona, California from 1pm to 8pm. It attracts attendees from the moldmaking and molding communities throughout the Western Region. Be sure to register today!




Digital Edition of MMT's October Mold Maintenance and Repair Supplement Now Available

By: Christina M. Fuges 10. October 2014

The digital edition of MMT's October Mold Maintenance and Repair Supplement is available. This special issue includes features on tips to set up your hot runner system and keep it running smoothly, how increasing pressure for ever-faster turnaround has made outsourcing laser welding impractical for three providers of mold repair and maintenance services; how simply accessing monitoring data online, in real time, can help you address underperforming tools and build new ones when needed; and how using dry ice micro-particles can increase productivity, lower costs and extend mold life.

Click here for the digital edition.


MMT's October Digital Edition is Available

By: Christina M. Fuges 9. October 2014

MoldMaking Technology's October issue includes a cover story on how EDM designed with ease of use and ergonomics in mind can empower your operators. It also includes features on EDM electrode material test findings to help you identify the monetary impact graphite and copper electrode materials have on manufacturing; a rapid heating and cooling technique using pressurized water; and, a heat-treatment process that provides critical temperature and wear-resistance properties to certain mold steels.

This month's departments cover topics such as evaluating your training resources, a case study on auxiliary processing equipment, consumer and medical end market reports and a cutting tools tip of the month.

Click here for your digital edition.

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