Pumping Up Molding Plans

By: Christina M. Fuges 22. January 2015

Over at Pyramid Plastics, the custom injection molding business of Industrial Molds Group, plans call for purchasing 10 new Toshiba injection molding machines at the rate of one machine per quarter over the next two years, and they have already added two new presses, a 55-ton and a 90-ton Toshiba press.

According to Tim Peterson, Vice President of Industrial Molds Group,  Pyramid Plastics currently has 42 presses including some large-tonnage machines. The new presses will replace some of the older equipment. They don't anticipate growing the number of presses, “just the technical capabilities” the new equipment has to offer to enable Pyramid Plastics to better serve its customers. 

“We’ll most likely reduce the number of presses at Pyramid and focus more on improving productivity, and technical precision processing capabilities with an emphasis on medical molding with presses under 500 tons,” he says. “We’re anticipating adding at least one two-shot injection molding machine as well.”

The facility upgrade also calls for the addition of a clean room or “white” room to enable Pyramid’s plans to focus on medical components. Those plans have not been finalized as yet.

As a part of Pyramid Plastics’ strategic planning, the company will be focusing more sharply on customers who fit the company’s business model and goals for growth.

Pyramid Plastics works closely with Industrial Molds to provide its customers with mold design and engineering services, including mold building. Pyramid also offers mold tryouts and qualification, and process validation services for Industrial Molds, and a variety of secondary operations.

You can visit Industrial Molds and Pyramid Plastics at NPE at Booth #S-22144.


2015 Equipment Acquisition Trends

By: Christina M. Fuges 20. January 2015

Here are the top 10 equipment acquisition trends from the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association:

1.  Investment in equipment and software will reach an all-time high in 2015.

2.  Businesses will invest in equipment not just to replace aging assets, but also to aid in expansion. 

3.  While some equipment types will see strong growth, others will moderate. 

4.  Improving market conditions will continue to increase credit supply and demand for equipment acquisitions.

5.  Eyes will be on short-term interest rate increases. 

6.  Businesses will use financing for a majority of their plant, equipment and software expenditures.

7.  Advances in the use of technology will drive innovative financing options. 

8.  Several “wild cards” could impact equipment acquisition decisions. 

9.  Nontraditional financing will continue to grow and play a larger role in the equipment finance industry. 

10.  A final lease accounting standard will be released. 

Click here for a video and infographic highlighting the trends. 


Thin Recess Injection Molding

By: Christina M. Fuges 16. January 2015

The TRIM pail for KFC is injection mold manufacturer StackTeck Systems' first commercial application of its proprietary (patent pending) technology. The TRIM pail was molded by SriThai Superware of Bangkok, Thailand for KFC and uses in-mold labeling for high quality decoration. StackTeck was challenged by SriThai to reduce the weight of a 64-ounce round pail used for popcorn at movie theaters, which was already at the limit of conventional thin-wall packaging.
According to Jordan Robertson, StackTeck’s GM of Business Development and Marketing, conventional lightweight parts with L/T ratio up to 300, (flow length/thickness) can be made thinner with additional light-weighting of over 40 percent by weight. He goes on to say that by pushing the TRIM part design to the limit, covering approximately 90 percent of the part with ultra-thin panels, a weight savings of approximately 40 percent was achieved. Most of the surface of this part has a wall thickness that corresponds to an L/T ratio of 550.
This pail has a wall thickness that is about half that formerly considered possible with conventional thin-wall molding technology yet is also strong. The full wrap label provides container coverage and stiffness.
The project won StackTeck the Gold Award for ‘Best Thin Wall Package’ at the recent In-Mold Decorating Association’s Parts Competition.

Are You a Leadtime Leader?

By: Christina M. Fuges 15. January 2015

In its 13th year, the Leadtime Leader Awards, presented by MoldMaking Technology, honors those outstanding North American mold manufacturers who best demonstrate overall innovation, efficiency, quality and commitment within their moldmaking operations while raising the bar in terms of mold engineering, building, repair and management.

Winners earn these exciting benefits:

Click here to view the video feature of last year's winner ... your company could be next!

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MMT's January Digital Edition Now Available

By: Christina M. Fuges 13. January 2015

The digital edition of MMT's January issue also includes two new departments: Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) Insight, which shares member perspectives on various industry issues and trends. This month Mike Zacharias from Extreme discusses working on the workforce. A second new series is P2P, which stands for Pellet 2 Part, a collaborative effort among industry molding experts that will cover what moldmakers need to know about processing. This month it reviews molding from the perspective of the raw material. 

Also included in this issue are articles on business insurance, a shop profile on Eifel Mold & Engineering, a machining case study on adopting a production mindset with a new HMC with a pallet changer and modular fixturing system, and our tip of the month on transitioning to in-house welding.

Click here for the entire digital edition.

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