Plastic Simulation

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Come to the SIGMA booth #65027 at NPE 2012 a personal one-on-one tour and learn what SIGMA means when it says “Virtual Mold & Process Development”.

When it comes to plastic simulation, SIGMA takes it further than what you have been taught to believe simulation can do.

SIGMASOFT creates a virtual injection mold that allows the processor to evaluate and analyze the influence of ALL important production variables. As a result, having SIGMASOFT eliminates the time and money spent on trial and error.

At its booth SIGMA will show:

* Exactly how process simulation CAN consider the entire process as well as material behaviors

* That elastomer and LSR injection molding CAN be accurately simulated

* How SIGMASOFT is the only simulation tool that can reliably predict mold temperature  

* Why SIGMASOFT can be operated by process engineers

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